HTC to Drop “Quietly Brilliant” Slogan; First Signs of Marketing Turnaround?

March 25, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

There’s no hiding the fact that marketing has been a real struggle for HTC these last couple of years, after all the One Series fell at the hands of Samsung’s Galaxy S III, predominantly due to poor marketing. Of course, it’d be wrong to say that marketing was the only thing holding HTC back but, it’s got a lot to do with it. With Samsung spending $400 Million or so on marketing last year, HTC have some serious catching up to do.

The Wall Street Journal got a chance to sit down with HTC’s Chief Marketing Officer Benjamin Ho, who told the Journal about some changes going forward. First up, is the news that HTC will be ditching their longstanding “Quietly Brilliant” slogan from their marketing going forward. I, for one, think that’s a fairly decent move after all, that’s an old slogan that I’m not sure many even think relevant anymore.

Ho said that “HTC have a lot of innovations but we haven’t been loud enough.” Yepp, you could certainly be more vocal about things, HTC. Even on the Internet it was hard to escape Samsung and their Galaxy S III adverts, they were everywhere. They managed to make Apple look old and stale in a way that was fun, lighthearted and only a little bit snarky. When HTC tried this strategy on Twitter, with their #theNextBigFlop hashtag, it didn’t quite go to plan but, it’s a start for them and that’s the sort of marketing we’d like to see from HTC. If they think the One is a better product than the Galaxy S IV, then they need to stand up and tell us why. 

Mr Ho is HTC’s third Chief of Marketing in less than two years, whether or not it’s third time lucky for HTC is something we’ll come to learn in time. Ho has detailed a 250% increase in the company’s digital media marketing budget, and a 100% increase in traditional media. I certainly hope that all this means we’ll see and hear more of HTC in 2013, than we did in 2012. We all know that HTC can make quality products but, do the rest of the world know that? Does the average consumer that walks into their AT&T or Verizon store know that HTC are a good brand? Not to the same extent as Samsung, and that’s what they need to turn around.