HTC One's features to come to mid-range and some low-end devices

If you like the new additions to the HTC apps for their latest flagship device, the HTC One phone, but are not looking to spend around $600 (this being the price for the US, not to mention the UK price) for it, there is good news afoot. HTC recently announced they are planning to bring the ultrapixel cameras, Zoe photos, Blink feed and other features to their mid-range phones as well.

In an interview with Omio the executive director of HTC UK and Ireland, Phil Roberson, stated

We look at services such as Blink feed, which we are looking to support across as many products as possible. [...] There will be certain technical challenges, but the tech does support the other elements of it which we can take to other parts of the portfolio.

So to sum it up: if the hardware will support the features, the device will receive them. There was also talk that there are chances that even some low-end devices are to receive the updates. While some of the them will be restricted by the hardware (such as the feat of simultaneous HD video filming and high-resolution picture capture with the One is made possible through its quad-core processor) other additions that are not so hardware dependent will surely have a good chance to come to lower-tier phones.

Whenever this will actually materialize or not, and for how many devices will get them, we can't say but we can always hope and wait.

Some of the more interesting features is the HTC Zoe (the name doesn't give much into what it does, I know). If you first thought it was a virtual assistant, and I don't why I thought that at first, you are wrong. Zoe is a new idea in the market. It is a new type to capture a moment that combines video and photography in an interesting way. A Zoe is a 3 second recording which starts before one second you pressed the button. The best part is that you can do all kind of Photoshop-like things right after you took the picture/video, like choosing to exclude objects that were moving in the background, choose the best portrait for the people in the clip individually within those 3 seconds of exposure and other really cool stuff.

HTC really gave their best with these features and their effort to bring them to as much of their devices as possible and I must admit that their slogan "quietly brilliant" sums their latest offerings.

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