HTC One Gets Torn Down by iFixit; What did they Find?


Per usual, when a new device comes out iFixit has gotten their hands on the HTC One and has torn it down to see whats inside that beautiful Aluminum body. Since the HTC One does not have any removable parts, it's all enclosed, iFixit scores it a 1 out of 10 for reparability. They warn that it is nearly impossible to open the phone without damaging the back case. Which means that dead batteries and shattered screens are going to be fairly problematic, unfortunately. iFixit found those items nearly impossible to replace, so you're definitely going to have some trouble getting them replaced.

So you'll definitely want to keep that warranty number and accidental insurance handy. The HTC One will not be cheap at all to repair. The silver lining here is that the solid construction makes for great durability. Can you say the same for the plastic casing on the Galaxy S4? At least you can replace the Galaxy S4's battery relatively easy though.

What has iFixit told us? Well basically the first accessory we buy for the HTC One should be a case. So be sure to head over to our Accessory store and pick up a few. We'll also be getting plenty of HTC One Cases to review, so make sure you stay tuned to Android Headlines for complete coverage of the HTC One and it's cases reviews.

Is this going to affect your decision to pick up the HTC One? As for me, I'll still probably pick one up. I've never had any problems with HTC's hardware, my problems are with their software. But that's just me. Let us know in the comments below if you're still going to pick up the HTC One when it finally becomes available in your neck of the woods and on your carrier.

Source: iFixit