HTC One and Galaxy S IV Headed to T-Mobile LTE


T-Mobile are having something of a party today, with the announcement of their new outlook on being a Wireless Carrier, or is that an UNcarrier? Needless to say, T-Mobile have laid out an ambitious plan to not only keep in the top-tier game but, propel them to the top of it. There's a lot of ground to cover from T-Mobile's announcements today but, one of the biggest is perhaps the news that the carrier is getting two of the latest and greatest Android smartphones out there right now….with LTE support to boot!



The HTC One is coming to T-Mobile soon, and it's going to be priced at just $99. Well, in keeping with T-Mobile's new way of doing things, there's a $99 down payment and then an extra $20 or so tacked on to your monthly bill until the device is paid off. Unfortunately, there's no release date for the One, which means that those supply issues could be affecting T-Mobile's supply as well. You can, of course, pay full price for the device as well if you wanted to. The One will be launching on their new LTE network, which has gone live in the following markets:

  • Baltimore, MD
  • Kansas City KS
  • Houston TX
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • San Jose, CA
  • Washington D.C.

As well as the HTC One, the newly unveiled Magenta Carrier will be getting the Galaxy S IV come May 1st. Unfortunately, there's no word on how much the Galaxy S IV is going to cost but, the same should apply as with the HTC One. You'll be able to either buy the device outright or pay the cost off in installments. The real great thing about doing it this way, is that once you pay off the balance of the actual device, you're monthly payments to T-Mobile will go down by however much you're paying a month.

It's great to see more devices like these come to T-Mobile and now that they've outlined some bold moves going forward, the network should see a lot more people rolling up to enjoy those Value Plans. Are you heading to T-Mobile after today's announcements?

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