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More often than not, Android users are also the most active users on Google+ and it's only natural that we're going to be using the Android app more than we are our desktops. For those that do, today there's some good news in the form of an update to the Google+ app for Android. There are a number of tweaks and changes that should improve your experience, as well as bring something new to it.

First up, is changes to the way in which you can interact with and control communities while you're on the go. They've been a number of changes on the Desktop side of things and they're now making the jump. Specifically, you'll be able to do the following when you get the new update:

  • The ability to adjust the volume of community posts in your Home stream.
  • The option to invite people to a community, or reshare items with a community.
  • Member search, content moderation, and report-remove-ban support for community managers.

There are also some changes to how posts are handled:

  • Posts include more text up front—from the original message, and from comments
  • Tapping video, photo or link attachments takes you directly to a watch page, lightbox or website
  • Image previews are rarely cropped, so you'll see portrait photos (for instance) in all their glory
  • Key actions like +1, reshare and comment are displayed more prominently in each post
  • You can swipe through photo albums inline

And last but not least you can now include your current location on your Google+ profile if you wish:

  • If you enable this option, you'll then decide who can see your best-available location across Google
  • Like always, you can be as public or as private as you want to be
  • When someone with permission visits your profile, for example, they'll see your current whereabouts underneath your name

Go ahead and download the update now – version 3.6 is the one you're looking for – and let us know how you're liking the tweaks and improvements. Why not swing by our Google+ Page and let us know?

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