Google To Announce the Winners of the #IfIHadGlass Competition In The Next Few Days

The Glass Explorer program is essentially a VERY closed-beta for Project Glass. A few weeks ago Project Glass ran a competition on Twitter and Google+ that asked people to compose a short post/tweet about how they would use Glass to enrich their lives. This was only open to individuals, although Glass did thank businesses for their submissions and hinted that they may be reaching out to enterprise partners in the near future.

So far we have seen two very secretive events for developers. One in NY and one in San Francisco. Of course last year at Google I/O attendees were able to pre-0rder units, but those have yet to ship as well. It may be that Google is planning a production run for sometime in the next couple of months to fulfill orders from Google I/O, as well as the developers that were allowed to pre-order. But only time will tell.

There were lots of interesting potential uses for Google Glass posted across Twitter and Google+, but we won't really know how/if this product will be used until we see it out in the real world. One of the most interesting questions is how the public/ culture will react to wearable technology. Will it be seen as slightly nerdy yet progressive or as a flashy way to tell everyone that you had $1500 to burn. Obviously at that price point we won't be seeing Glass move in significant numbers. But if in the next couple of years we see the price drop below $500 as the technology becomes viable and bugs are ironed out, who knows?

Everyone here at Android Headlines is getting more and more excited for Google I/O every day. We should finally get an update on Google Glass, the Nexus 5, the X Phone, Google Babble, and a plethora of other Google products and services. But we will have to keep speculating between now and the end of May. What potential announcement are you the most excited about at this years Google I/O?

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