Game Spotlight: Chaos Rings 2

In this week's spotlight I want to feature Chaos Rings 2. Both Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega were huge hits on both iOS and Android, low and behold, Chaos Rings 2 is no different. Building off of the popularity of the first two games, Chaos Rings 2 takes the play style of the globally renowned RPG series and only improves upon it. Even better graphics and a whole new story line make this game extremely enjoyable by anyone who is a fan of the series or even completely new to the Chaos Rings universe.

The things that were fun in the first two games are back to make an impressionable impact on the gamer. Outcomes and scenarios are once again molded by the player's decisions throughout the game. Such decisions could even lead to the hidden bosses and game endings that Square Enix has implemented into Chaos Rings 2. Multiple choices, all of which affect the way the game plays out make this an RPG with immense replay value. The story line is based around the main character Darwin, who is of course the chosen one and must save the world. Essentially this is the cornerstone of most RPG games. Darwin, who's fate is to offer up the souls of the 5 chosen sacrifices to save the world has to make a hard decision. One of the sacrifices happens to be a dear childhood friend whom he loves. So, the question begs for an answer. Sacrifice the one you love and save the world, or save the one you love and damn the world's existence and everyone in it. Seems like an impossible choice to make. This is where the journey begins for you and Darwin and the adventures that lie ahead.Chaos Rings 2 not only offers a whole new story and brand new characters, but offers up an entire new battle system as well. Comprised of the same solo/pair attacks of the original games from the people in your party, Square has added a couple new abilities into this game. The "sopia" and "awaken" abilities add a new element to the battles, giving your party an edge. The updated graphics rendering engine uplift the already impressive graphics that were put out in the first two Chaos Rings titles. You'll also notice that the gorgeous cut scenes, and real character voices are back as well. All of these elements give Chaos Rings 2 a depth that gamers have come to expect of the RPG and of even more so what gamers have come to love about games from Square Enix. The controls are pretty much the same from the first two games. When you touch the screen on the left hand side, a joystick will appear which controls your characters movement. The button in the top right hand corner is back as your "menu" so to speak which allows you the "SAVE" capability and other options. The game supports multiple languages just like before, including Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese. So if you speak or read one of the languages, you'll be able to fully enjoy the story and the game.Overall Chaos Rings 2 is an immersible and wonderful story filled with action and rich character plots. The voice acting and music only stand to help plunge players into the game and make it more enjoyable. If you loved the first two games, or are just starting your adventure into the series, Chaos Rings 2 is an RPG that is well developed and well worth the money and time you'll put into it. The game takes up about a gig of space and will set you back about $16. So make sure to free up some storage and dig around the couches for some spare change if you need to.The game plays amazing and looks even better on a nexus 7, (Surprise surprise), and should do just fine on anything that is on par with the galaxy nexus. Anyone else playing this right now? I just started but have found that I have needed to restart a few times because I keep getting interrupted while beginning the story. (I suppose I'm just picky about missing important plot points)

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