Game Spotlight: Ball VS Zombies

Remembering back to my grand times at the dentist's office when I was a child, the best part about being there was that they always had little games to play. Sure they weren't the games were used to playing by today's standards, but they were fun at the time. One I was particularly fond of was the ball tilt game where you had to tilt the little box to move the ball around a maze and try to get it into the holes. Ball VS Zombies is exactly like that but on a much larger scale. At least that's the game I'm reminded of when I play it.

Ball VS Zombies lets you take your device and use it to be the hammer of justice against the zombies of the world. Tilt your device to roll a giant stone ball and crush the undead into dust. Squash their bones, and splatter them all over the map. The game map of course. Ball Vs Zombies runs on unity engine and you know what that means. Beautiful 3D graphics. You can appreciate the looks of the game over three different maps; roads, corridors, or circles, just don't stare too long it's impolite.

Ball VS Zombies features lush HD graphics and works on nvidia physx. It also sports a 3D parallax effect that you can see when you tilt the device. Check the menu screen as you'll notice the parallax effect there and see the buttons and menus shift atop the background images in either direction. Awesome. In addition to the cool visuals placed here, Ball VS Zombies features cross platform gameplay. Not only is this game on Android but on iOS as well, and the highest scores are right up in your face for you to see. If that isn't enough to induce some competition I don't know what is. Play your heart out to get 6 different achievements which increase your chances at the initial game stats like extra lives and the finger bonus. Finger Bonus allows you to touch the zombies and kill them instantly without having to roll the stone ball over them.

Overall it seems like there isn't much to the game but once you play it for a few minutes you realize how fun and addicting it can be. My only complaint is that there could be more maps but the developers are pretty good about responses from there gamer base so perhaps we'll see some planned updated map content sometime in the near future. The controls can be a little tough at first, but stick with it and you'll master them. Or at least get better at them. You have to tilt your phone or device back pretty far it seems to where you almost aren't looking at the screen anymore and you're tilting it away from you. As you get used to the movement of the ball this becomes more natural feeling and you get the hang of it. Can you beat the high scores listed for each map? If you wan to give it a shot and see how well you do, you can pick it from the link below for $0.99. A rather nice little price tag. 

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