Forbes Thinks Andy Rubin is Heading to Facebook; Now, Wouldn't That be Something


When Andy Rubin left his position as the head of Android within Google, there was a lot of talk about just what he might be doing next. Some think he's headed off to Google's X-Lab, the man is after all, an inventor at heart. Forbes however, have come up with something even more interesting; that Andy Rubin could well be heading to Facebook .That'd be a real turn-up for the books, don't you think?

Forbes is reporting that Mr Rubin could have left Google for Facebook, while I don't think something that would happen, then again anything can happen in Silicon Valley. When you delve a little deeper into what makes Rubin ticks, it's clear that he's an inventor at heart and felt very passionately about anything he was creating or heading up. Forbes are reporting that ex-Googlers have described him as "always right!" and that he was hard to work with. This is something that we've been hearing quite a bit about lately, that he was in fact a stubborn person to work with. Then again, aren't all great leaders to an extent?




Recently, Facebook sent out invites to an event that they're holding on April 4th, which is going to show off their "new home on Android". Could the social network have enticed Andy with an amazing offer that puts Android at the center of it all? Could Zuck have given Andy an offer he couldn't refuse? It's an interesting question, certainly but, when you think of Facebook's track-record when it comes to just their app on the platform, they obviously don't understand our green friend too well. It took them a long time to get a native app together and they're constantly introducing features that their users are unhappy with. The app drawer spamming and the in-app update issues spring to mind.

While Forbes might think that Facebook have something pretty spectacular in store for Android, I think it's going to be something more pedestrian. Besides, can you imagine living in a Facebook eco-system, with "likes" everywhere and poorly targeted ads popping up in your notification tray all the time?

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