Featured: Top 10 Best Android Dashclock Extensions Apps

March 3, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

There’s a pretty popular new lockscreen widget out now on the Play Store. It’s called DashClock. It’s a really nice looking one too. It also has the ability for other developers to create extensions for it, which there are quite a few of those available. Today, we are going to go through the top 10 extensions for Dashclock. If you feel we’ve left any out, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

10. DashClock Dial Extension

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This is a DashClock shortcut extension that will directly dial a chosen contact from your lock screen. So you can add someone that you call frequently as a direct dial, and just tap it from your lockscreen and call that person. Pretty simple, yet very convenient.



9. DashClock Extension Facebook


How many of you are still using Facebook? Well then you’re going to love this widget. By looking at your lock screen, you’ll be able to tell if you have any notifications or not (of course you can just pull down the notification bar). You can also open straight to the Facebook app with this extension.


8. Worldclock for DashClock

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This extension does exactly what the name hints at. Shows you the times in other places. Say for instance you live on the east coast and want to know what time it is in LA, or Las Vegas? Using this extension you can see that straight from your lock screen.



7. DashClock Sunrise Extension


This extension for DashClock shows you the sunrise and sunset times for your location. Of course you’ll need to have DashClock installed to use this extension. It’s just a small and simple extension. Weighing in at 59kb.



6. NowPlaying for DashClock


Here’s another simple yet useful DashClock extension. The extension works with most music players. So far the only ones that have been confirmed not to work are Spotify and MixZing.



5. Google Voice for DashClock


Here’s another extension for DashClock, this one adds your Google Voice messages to your lock screen. Which may not be the best thing if you don’t want others to see your messages. But it’s still pretty cool.



4. DashClock GTalk Extension


How many of you use GTalk? Probably every single one of you. Well with this extension for DashClock, you can see how many unread messages you have in GTalk straight from your lock screen.  You can also tap on that notification and have your phone open straight up to GTalk.



3. DashClock WhatsApp Extension


For those of yu that use WhatsApp, this is a pretty good DashClock extension for you. It’s very similar to the Google Talk one above, but for WhatsApp. It’ll show you your unread notifications on your lock screen.



2. Plume for DashClock

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Plume is still one of the best Twitter apps out there for Android, although Falcon Pro is rapidly closing in on Plume. With this extension for Dashclock, ou can view how many mentions, tweets, and DM’s you have waiting for you. It’s pretty simple extension that can be very useful.



1. DashClock Battery Extension


With this extension for DashClock, you can get easy and instant access to the current battery level, current battery status, current power type, time running on battery, battery details and more. If you’re someone that’s obsessed with having enough battery left to make a call, etc., then this is the perfect extension for you.