Featured: Top 10 Android Games - February 2013

Here at Android Headlines, we love apps and games. In fact we love them so much that we're more than happy to keep our eyes out and bring you our favorites from the past month or so. Apps and games are becoming more and more personal so, often we might not pick your favorite app or game, which is why we want to hear from you in the comments! You can find us on Google+ as well, we're an active bunch on G+ and we'd love to hear from you! Let's take a look at 10 of the best games from the past month!

10. Wipeout

If you're a fan of the hit TV show, then you're going to love this. While it might not give you the same satisfaction you get at laughing through others, you'll get a rush from playing puppet master when playing this Android game. All of the courses - and some new ones - that you know and love are present and you should have a lot of fun sending contestants to their humiliation for your pleasure. If this game doesn't make you laugh, at least once, then there's something wrong with you.

9. Awesome Land

Fans of the bygone era of Video Gaming, rejoice! There's life left in the age-old mechanic of jumping and moving, Awesome Land keeps it very much alive. If you were playing Mario "before it was cool" and all you want to do is get back to the roots of gaming, then Awesome Land will help you do that. The controls are as simple as you would expect and, as touch controls go there really quite good. They don't get in your way too much and you should have a lot of fun playing through a more grown-up spin on Mario's past.

8. Metal Slug 2

Carrying on with the tradition of releasing every classic game they ever shipped, SNK Playmore have released Metal Slug 2 to the Play Store. It's an excellent game if you spent a lot of your youth inside darkened arcades. For those that like a challenge, you'll find Metal Slug to be ridiculously difficult so, this is definitely one for hardcore gamers. If you've never played the game, or indeed any game from the series, you can jump on at any point and Metal Slug 2 is perhaps the best in the series.

7. Zombie Minesweeper


It seems that everything is better with Zombies, I'm not sure that Minesweeper is something that comes to mind when we talk about Zombies but, hell it's a worth a shot, right? If, like me, you remember playing Minesweeper on Windows 3.1 because that was all your parents had at the office then you're going to love this. With the Walking Dead back on TV, this might make those ad breaks run past quicker than before!

6. Vector


It's been a long time since Canabalt arrived and it's about time we tried something better. Vector is that something better and if you like the simplicity of one-finger controls and fast-paced action then Vector has everything you could ask for. With some good-looking graphics and a well-realized setting there's a lot to love about Vector. With a wide variety of awesome parkour moves, this is almost like Assassins' Creed It's pretty hard to explain how good it is so, just go ahead and give it a try!

5. Roller Rally: Snake Pass

For those looking for something simple yet satisfying, Roller Rally: Snake Pass could be just what you're looking for. It's got some really cute and engaging graphics that will appeal to both old and young alike. Not to mention, the simple yet enthralling gameplay that has you hurling different characters over jumps as they try their very best to get a hold of first place in this fun racing game for Android. There's brilliant level design and it's almost guaranteed that you won't be bored playing this one.

4. Shellrazer


Have you ever played as a warmongering turtle before? No? Well then playing Shellrazer as a Klang Clan Turtle Wrangler should be a fun first-time experience for you then. With some brilliant level-design, insane action and the ability to upgrade your items you'll quickly become a one turtle army. As you battle hordes of goblin archers, ballooners, sheep riders, mutant monsters and steampunk war machines and collect their loot you'll soon learn that turtles aren't to be messed with.

3. Spyder Arcade HD


Collecting coins all the time is one thing but, shooting the hell out of a whole lot of aliens is what a lot of games were built on, and Spyder Arcade brings that back to the forefront. With good-looking graphics and gameplay that harkens back to the good-old days, there's a lot to do in Spyder Arcade. It's definitely worth a look if you remember games like R-Type and Galaxian and if you're fed up of the usual fare, then this is a great option for you, too.

2. Cordy 2


As sequels go, Cordy 2 is a great follow-up to the hit game Cordy. The fun-loving CRT-Monitor is back for more! If you've played the first game, you know what to expect, folks new to the series should know that you're in for a great side-scrolling adventure with unique style and polish. You've got to guide your fun-loving friend through 3 different worlds, each with its own unique look and style. It's a brilliant platformer and perhaps all you could ask from a mobile game.

1. The Simpsons: Tapped Out


There's been a lot of buzz surrounding EA's latest release for Android, it's been available on iOS for a long time and now it's finally available for us, as well. With, yet another, awkward launch from EA the Simpsons: Tapped Out is finally on Android. You're essentially given the opportunity to build your own Springfield and level up to unlock more of your favorite characters. Original content has been written for the game by Simpsons' writers and it's already got quite a bit of a following. Unfortunately, this version of the game doesn't let you visit other people's versions of Springfield because, and I quote from EA, "Android does not currently enable players to visit their friends' Springfields." I'm not sure if I believe that but, it shouldn't sour the game too much. It's dangerously addictive.

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