Featured Review: BodyGuardz Carbon Fibre Armor Skin for the Google Nexus 4


Today, we're taking a look at the BodyGuardz Carbon Fibre Armor skin for the Nexus 4. It is available from Mobile Fun for about $26, but at the time of writing this it is sold out. So what exactly is this product? Well it's a skin that you can put on your Google Nexus 4 to protect the glass on the front and back, along with the rubber on the sides. It's made of super thin PVC based film that covers the entire phone. On the back and sides it has a textured carbon fibre design, which I think looks really nice. You also get a BodyGuardz screen protector from the front.


Yes you do have to install the skin onto your nexus 4. The carbon fibre design comes in 10 pieces, as it covers all the sides and the back. It's also a bit tricky to get all the pieces onto the device. It took me a little while to get all the pieces lined up straight, but once you do get them lined up it makes your Nexus 4 look really nice. The best part is, the glass on the back is protected.




This Carbon Fibre Armor skin reminds me a lot of the dBrand skins that are available for the Nexus 4. So I was really looking forward into putting this skin onto my Nexus 4. Now I haven't always been a big fan of the design on the back of the Nexus 4. But the Carbon Fibre design looks really nice. Then once you throw on a bumper, whether it be the official one from Google Play or the Poetic one which is what I have, it looks really good.


  • Great looking design, and a great feeling texture on the back making it less likely for you to drop it
  • Great protection without making your phone bulky, like an Otterbox case would


  • A little difficult to install
  • It covers up the beautiful "Nexus" logo on the back, along with the glittery pattern

Final Thoughts

The price is a bit higher compared to some other skins you'd find from other companies. But the price isn't to bad. I'd definitely go ahead and recommend this to everyone looking for protection for their Nexus 4. Especially since there is no Otterbox for the Nexus 4. As I said earlier in the review, it makes the device a little less slippery and more difficult to drop, which is always a good thing. At least in my opinion, I know I don't want to drop my Nexus 4.

You can find the BodyGuardz Carbon Fibre Armor Skin for the Nexus 4 over on Mobile Fun's website along with some other Google Nexus 4 cases that you might like.