Sponsored Game Review: Tower of Saviors

March 7, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

Puzzle games are a whole lot of fun and thanks to the touchscreen interfaces we enjoy on our smartphones and tablets, interacting with tiles, gems, bricks or whatever else it might be is easier than ever. Playing through some kind of puzzle game with a controller has never been that much fun but, with a touchscreen it’s a much better way to play. Combining other genres with puzzlers has been tried before but, not like this. Tower of Saviors brings something new, something fresh to the genre and it’ll have you coming back time and time again. Read on to find out more.

Description: Tower of Saviors is a game that has you fighting to save the world of the Three Kingdoms of Heaven, Hell and Earth. Humanity built the Enochian Tower centuries ago to try and reach the Gods. Demons from Hell however, tried to use the Tower to invade Heaven, a bloody War began the Gods, Devils and humanity. This angered the Gods and so they destroyed the top of the Tower and sealed the Devils inside. The final hope rests upon you, as a member of the Summoners, that can unleash Seals and destroy all the Devils.

In order to fight off the evils inside the Tower, you have to be skilled at puzzles and learn how to use your allies and monsters to their greatest potential. This isn’t your average puzzle game by any means, it’s a game that requires skill and has a great RPG style to it.

How it Works: To get started with the game, you’ll have to download it from the Play Store, it’s a 35MB download, so you might want to download this one over WiFi if you have a small data plan. Once you’ve got the game installed you’re ready to go:


You’ll have to create a user to play the game but, you can log-in with Facebook or Twitter:


Once you’ve created a user, you’ll be asked to pick from a group of leaders, that each come with their own abilities that you’ll discover along the way:


When you’ve chosen your hero, you’ll be handed over to the Guardian of the Tower that’ll tell you how to play the game:


The Guardian is there to take you through the basics of the game and while he sticks around for a long time, he makes sure you know everything you need to know. Essentially, the game is based around how you manipulate the runestones in order to cast attacks and defeat monsters:


You can move the runestones from wherever you like, to wherever you like. There’s no set pattern that you must follow and it really gives you the freedom to think of which move to use next. You can also execute combos as well:


When you’re playing through the game, a big part of it is to defeat the monsters you come across during adventures in the Tower. Each time you move a runestone, it counts as a turn and the “CD” value above their heads, tells you how many turns you have before they attack. There is an HP bar above the runestones and you need to be careful not to get hit too many times. As you progress through the tower, you’ll unlock more monsters and it’s these monsters that help you fight off the evil inside of the tower:


The detailing throughout the game is brilliant, it all starts with the Tower, even that is a wonderfully drawn, brilliant example of how good looking the game is:


You’ll note the large circle at the bottom of the screen, this is your health, each time you level up it’s restored and you gain a little extra. The other menus will take you to your inventory, places to customize your team and the store. Even picking a new card for a new monster looks good and is a lot of fun:


Opinion: I’ve always been a fan of puzzle games, I practically grew up with them on consoles and it’s always good to see something fresh being down with the game. In the case of Tower of Saviors, there’s some great visuals added to the game and a brilliant way to play through the game. Progression through the levels unlocks more monsters and adds further health to your team, it’s an addictive mechanic that will have you playing for hours on end. There’s a great deal to get on board with when playing Tower of Saviors and if you’re not careful you could quickly find yourself addicted to the game.


  • Speed (4/5) – It takes a very long time to get the game going but, after that the speed and pacing of the game work well.
  • Features (5/5) – To say this is just another puzzle game wouldn’t be fair as there’s so much that’s gone into the game. There are so many cool elements that make Tower of Saviors a great game to come back to.
  • Theme (5/5) – There are some brilliant graphics on offer here and everything looks and runs brilliantly.
  • Overall (4/5) – Tower of Saviors is a brilliant game and if it didn’t take so long to get started, it would have a lot more players coming back for more.


  • Stunning graphics and theme make the game feel like no other puzzle game.
  • Puzzle games aren’t often known for their visuals, after this, they will be.
  • Addictive gameplay that’s great to play for 5 minutes or hours on end.
  • Ability to unlock more and more as you continue to play is a great incentive for players.


  • Takes a very long time to get going, the tutorial is there for what feels like forever.
  • Players that aren’t familiar with RPG type games might struggle at first.

Conclusion: It’s not very often you see a puzzle game like this come with some extraordinary differences from the base genre but, with Tower of Saviors there’s a lot that sets this apart from ordinary puzzle games and it becomes something entirely its own. It’s hard to describe the game overall but, what it feels like to me, is an RPG Puzzler. There’s a lot of RPG elements, including the undeniably successful mechanic of leveling up and unlocking new items and abilities. If you’re looking for a game that’s easy to play but won’t put you to sleep, then give Tower of Saviors a try. It’s perhaps a game that will keep you up at night more than anything else. Scan the QR Code below to find the game on Android or iOS: