Sponsored Game Review: Puppy Dress Up & Care


If you're a parent, then you'll know how much value there is in using technology to teach and entertain your little ones. There's a game or app for nearly everything these days and our little ones are always happy to play and learn, in equal measure. If you're thinking of getting a pet as an addition to your family and to perhaps teach your kids responsibility then it's a always a good idea to familiarize them with the things they're going to help out with. Read on to see why and how Puppy Dress Up & Care can help teach your kids to take care of that new dog you've always been wanting.

Description: Puppy Dress Up & Care is a game that will have your little ones take care of a puppy of their choice, by going through a number of different scenarios with them. Like a walk in the park, taking care of poop, bath time and feeding. Everything is done with cute and good-looking graphics with interactivity your kids are bound to love.


How it Works: To get started with Puppy Dress Up & Care just go ahead and download the app from the Play Store.


Pick which dog you want to play with and then you'll be taken to the first step in taking care of your puppy:



First off, you can dress up your puppy and have some fun with them. The arrows at the bottom of the screen take you through different aspects of your time with the puppy. Like feeding time for example:



And don't forgot the water!


Of course, every dog needs to go to the toilet, taking care of poop is a big thing when bringing up a puppy. As with all other things in Puppy Dress Up & Care you have to interact with the aspects on screen. In this case, you'll have to drag the bag to collect the poop, and then drag into the trash.



All puppies like to play, in this case you can take them to the Beach to play:



After all of this, you're going to have to give puppy a bath to keep them all fresh:


Opinion: We all know that most children just love dogs and while it's a lot of fun to have a family pet, it can often be difficult to familiarize your little ones with your new pet. With Puppy Dress Up & Care you can quite easily educate the kids on the sort of things you'll be doing with your new dog. For instance, the way that you teach kids to take care of poop is fun and educational. Little things like that will help your little ones adjust to helping out with their new pal.



  • Speed (4/5) – Everything ran just fine and the pacing is really good for a kids game. 
  • Features (4/5) – There are a lot of things on offer here that will teach kids the key aspects of having a pet, not just that but any child is going to find the fun graphics and interactive play a lot of fun.
  • Theme (5/5) – While the graphics aren't exactly stunning or anything, they're perfect for children and they'd look at home in any modern story book.
  • Overall (4/5) – Puppy Dress Up & Care isn't a game for all kids but, those that love pets are going to love it.


  • Various scenarios that any family with a pet dog with go through are all present here.
  • Presented in a storybook manner, each area will be engaging for kids.
  • Puppy Dress Up & Care is perhaps the best way to teach kids about cleaning up poop.
  • After spending time with this game, kids are going to begging you for a pet dog, if you haven't got already.


  • A few more scenarios might be helpful.
  • Maybe some kind of voice-over might be good for children playing the game.

Conclusion: There are a whole lot of games out there in the Play Store but, it's rare to come across one of them with this level of polish. Everybody has taken a try at the genre and parents will know that there's a lot of trash out there. The look and feel of this game is bound to connect with young ones and it's definitely a game to consider if you're adding a dog to your family. A lot of app and games for kids skirt around things or put an overly sugar-coated view on things but, Puppy Dress Up & Care will help teach your kids all about having a pet including the icky stuff. Go ahead and give this app a try, it's definitely one to try out if you've got little ones asking for a pet.