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When we talk about games on the Android platform, it's often to talk about high-octane action games that are packed full of graphics that we never thought possible on the mobile platform. These games are great and a lot of fun but, often times we want something a little different, something that exercises our brains as well as entertains us. Brain Puzzle aims to do just that while keeping us perfectly entertained at the same time. Read on to find out more.

Description: Brain Puzzle is a game that brings with some good-looking graphics and funky music to deliver some classic and new puzzles all in one place. There's a scoring system and the ability to unlock more and more puzzles to test your brain. You can earn Zold to unlock more puzzles and the more you play, the more puzzles you can play. The game is free however, there are ads here but, they're not too obtrusive and can carry on unlocking more puzzles to play without having to pay for them.

How it Works: Exercising your brain with Brain Puzzle starts with a short download from the Play Store which you can find here, after that you're ready to play!


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When you hit play, you'll be greeted with a grid of puzzles to play, when you first play the game you'll notice that there aren't too many games to play but, through playing these puzzles, you can unlock more games to play.

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There are a varied selection of games, like a tile matching game. Each time you select a game, it will tell you how to play it:

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The puzzles start off simple but, they quickly get more advanced and require more brainpower.


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Every time you complete a game, it'll let you know how much Zold you've gotten in return:

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All the classic puzzlers are here, like a tilt maze sort of game, to some more advanced puzzles.

2013-03-13 11.19.42When you get Zold, either from playing games or through buying it, you can unlock new puzzles to play. You can see the puzzles, and how much they will cost you, on the menu screen:

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You can buy Zold in big chunks to quickly unlock more puzzles, each pack is an in-app purchase for a few dollars. If you want to play some more puzzles to test your skills without playing the same puzzles over and over, this is your best choice.

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You can also get your hands on some free Zold by spreading the word about the game:


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Opinion: I've always been a bit of a nerdy guy, I enjoy puzzles and games that require a little more though than others. Brain Puzzle is a brilliant combination of an engaging game that also taxes your brain. There are a lot of puzzles on offer and the idea of unlocking more of them as you progress through them is brilliant. If I'm honest I found the puzzles a little easy for my taste but, they could be great for the younger audience.


  • Speed (4/5) – The games run well and their pacing is great for bite-sized gameplay on the go.
  • Features (5/5) – Puzzle games can often get tedious but, there's enough on offer in Brain Puzzle to keep you coming for more and more.
  • Theme (4/5) – There are a couple of niggle here and there, overall though it's a good-looking game with engaging music and sounds to boot.
  • Overall (4/5) – Brain Puzzle has a lot to offer for the younger audience it works really well. There's no reason why adults shouldn't exercise their brains with this one though.


  • Variety of puzzles to keep you coming back for more.
  • You can earn points to unlock more puzzles, you're not forced into paying up straight away.
  • Ads are mostly unobtrusive.
  • Funky music and good theme keeps the game fresh, no matter how long you play for.


  • Puzzles could be too easy for a lot of players.
  • better attention to detail in some puzzles, like the tilt maze for instance.

Conclusion: Brain Puzzle is a good game for those looking for something else to play on Android, it doesn't have to be all high-octane action, and nor should it be. Our brains are wired to find challenges fun and when presented with puzzles like these, that have no barrier on who can play, you can have a lot of fun indeed. It's certainly not something to be recommend to everyone but if you like puzzle games and enjoy testing your brain out regularly, this is a good option. The timed games present an added element of challenge and they work well on the mobile platform. You can quickly and easily play a few short games back to back or, continue to play until you've unlocked some of the more advanced puzzles.


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