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It's perhaps strange for some people to grasp but, we still make and take phone calls on our smartphones these days. For those that rely on a smartphone as their primary line, it can be important for them to know where they're calling from. For instance, small business owners might like to know where most of their callers call from, in order to focus on the right areas for marketing. Knowing your client-base is important and if you know where they're calling from then you begin to focus on marketing better in that area. Not only that but, it's nice to know where your friends are calling you from and it'll also let you know where someone is calling from before you even accept the call. Read on to see how well the app works.

Description: Phone Number & Caller Location does exactly what it sets out to do and will tell you where an incoming caller is calling from and more. It will break down your contacts into where they're located as well as sorting them into region. It's an efficient system and while it might not be all that useful for those with friends nearby, those that use their smartphone for business, and use it for everything will appreciate the feature. People that travel a lot will find knowing the location of their contacts useful as well. For instance, if you've moved away from your home state and go back to visit, you could see where your friends are when you head back.


How it Works: To get started, you'll need to download the app. You can download the free version of the app, which is ad-supported or you can pay a small fee to get the app without any ads at all. If you like the app, it's well worth paying the small fee to get rid of those ads, especially if you're going to be using it a lot. When you first load up the app, there'll be a quick first-time setup.

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This process scans your contacts etc to see where people have been calling you from. There's no need to worry about your data though, as it isn't uploaded anywhere at all. Once it's scanned your contacts, it'll give you a breakdown of where people are calling you from.


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Whenever someone calls you, there is a sort of overlay that will tell you where they're calling from. I can tell you that this doesn't affect the call in any way and it can even tell you which operator they're calling from. If you're the type of person that wants to see where you're being called from, this is useful. Here in the UK I get a lot of calls from pesky PPI companies, I now know where they're located and I can ignore the calls at will.



There are a number of settings you can tweak in the app, ranging from the basic:

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To the more advanced side of things:


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The whole app is pretty accurate and it works in a number of countries such as the following: the US, Canada, India, UK and even China. The developer behind the app is constantly updating things to make the app work better, so this is an app that will go from strength-to-strength and support for more countries is coming as well.

Opinion: It's clear that this app isn't something that will be immediately useful for everyone but, that doesn't mean the app isn't useful. Far from it, in fact Phone Number & Caller Location – despite it's awkward naming – is a solid app to find out where people are calling you from. For individual users, it could be a manner to find out where a suspicious number is calling you from, find out where most of your friends are located through the contact breakdown For business owners or those in business though, there's a lot more usefulness in something like this. You can find out where the bulk of your clients are, where there are fewest clients and from that you can work out where to better market and so on. While I might know where my friends and family are located, if you get a lot of phone calls, it's handy to know where they're calling from.



  • Speed (4/5) – Everything runs well on the app and there were no slowdowns during my use.
  • Features (4/5) – The app does exactly what it says it does and tells you where incoming callers are calling from or where your contacts are located.
  • Theme (3/5) – Phone Number & Caller Location looks fine but, it could go a little farther.
  • Overall (4/5) – The app does as it promises and works well, not an app for everyone but, those that need the functionality will like Phone Number & Caller Location.


  • Quick and easy set-up takes all but a few moments.
  • Displays location for incoming callers.
  • Works all over the world.
  • Good breakdown of where your contacts are located is nice to see.


  • Those who do a lot of communication over the Internet might struggle to find a use for it
  • Could do with a lick of paint to make it stand out among better-designed apps.

Conclusion: It's clear that Phone Number & Caller Location isn't going to be for everyone but, for those that need this sort of functionality they should love this app. It's quick and easy to get the relevant information and if you use your smartphone for your business, this can really help with marketing. If you're in the business of having something delivered you can tell where your last missed caller was calling from, which makes things a lot easier. There are a lot of uses for business owners and those that use their smartphone for work but, personal users will find function in the app as well. It's great to have the notification that tells where you were last called from. A lot of it depends on your use case but, if you need to know where someone is calling you from or you think it'd be a good addition to your smartphone, then this is the app to do it with.

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