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How often have we spent time on our smartphones or tablets playing games or watching cat videos? We always find ways of having a lot of fun with our Android devices but playing Angry Birds and watching Grumpy Cat is hardly the best use of our recreational time, now is it? With Bass Drop Dubstep you can create some really funky tunes, you can come together with friends and make music with its powerful interface and wide, wide range of beats and sound effects. Read on to find out how it all comes together.

Description: Fans of Dubstep will instantly be enthralled by this app and its excellent selection of beats and loops. You don't have to be a musician to have fun with such an app, either. You can have a lot of fun regardless of your level of talent or how much you love dubstep. If you're more of a fan of Drum and Bass, then be sure to check out Bass Drop Drum and Bass! There's innovative features that make the tools both powerful and easy to pick up quickly. To get a scope on how much this game does come with, take a look at this extensive list of features:

  • Studio quality samples, created by professional musicians and producers.
  • Over 300 wobble bass synth variations.
  • Hundreds of drum loops, build ups, percussive fx, sound fx, bass sounds and risers included.
  • Load and save up to 3 different sound bank layouts.
  • Color assigned buttons, for clear and straightforward use.
  • Pitch resample all of the built in samples.
  • 24 fully editable sample pads
  • 1 octave keyboard (13 keys) with pitch shifting spanning 5 octaves.
  • 3 different wobble synthesizers
  • ADSR – Use rotating potometers to alter the attack, decay, release and sustain of your wobble synth to get that perfect sound.
  • Sample Pads – Select a sample for each pad and customise its volume, pitch, and loop duration. Layer up to 24 looping or touch triggered pads at once.
  • Wobble Synth – Choose from 3 different wobble bass synth types.

See the trailer below to get a quick taste:



How it Works: So, it's perhaps a little difficult to describe how you get to grips with an app like this, because in the end it's all up to you and what you create. First of all though, you'll have to head to the Play Store to download and install the app. After that, it's going to be really helpful if you watch this tutorial from the developers:

Once you load up the app, you'll be given a couple of choices, you can head straight to the video tutorial if you were too impatient to watch it above, or you can get started with your own creation and head to the pads:




Once you head to the pads, you'll see a layout of choices in front of you, I'm using this with the Nexus 7 and I felt that the space was used really well:




You can see that there are a number of pads, and controls on the display. You can slide pitch and volume up and down on the fly whenever you like, and turn loop on or off. To choose a different sound, just select a pad – like FX36 – for example and then change it. It'll change to a different looking pad to correspond to whichever sound you've chosen. You can save all of your presets as well, which is great if you find some loops and effects that you know you're going to be using again.




It's hard to describe such an app with just screenshots, you've got to give it a try yourself. You can also check out the developer's YouTube channel here to see the app in action and they have a website for more info as well.



Opinion: I wouldn't necessarily call myself a fan of dubstep but, I've listened to a lot of it on YouTube here and there. What I can say is that this app is not just powerful for creating music, but it's a whole lot of fun. There's more on offer here than you instantly think and for a lot of people, it might take some time getting used to but, it's worth sticking with. The beats are crunchy, the sound effects can be used in all sorts of crazy ways and when you loop beats together, it's almost as if you're producing something for the Billboard 100 – the beats are that good. Bass Drop Dubstep might take a little time getting used to but it's worth sticking with because in the end you're going to have a whole lot of fun on your hands.


  • Speed (4/5) – Everything ran smoothly and there was a lot of control on the speed of beats and sound effects.
  • Features (5/5) – If you want to make music using Android, this is the app for you. Even if you're not a fan of dubstep, there's always time to discover something new, and what better way to do that with your own two hands?
  • Theme (4/5) – Bass Drop Dubstep looks just like you think it would, something out of the future with a Tron look about it, it looks very good, indeed.
  • Overall (5/5) – For music lovers, there's no other app to try on Android, there are a lot of them out there but none of them offer you the same scope and the amount of fun that's on offer here. Go ahead and try it out, and see for yourself.


  • Great-looking interface encourages you to try more and do more with your music.
  • Wide variety of beats, loops and sound effects to try – coupled with pitch and wobble control.
  • Works great on smartphones and tablets alike.
  • Video tutorial will help new people get to grips with the app.


  • No way to record a song inside the app.
  • In-app tutorial would be very helpful.

Conclusion: Even if you're not a fan of dubstep, there's no reason not to try this app out. How many times have you opened up the Play Store and found a new game or another fun app? Why not try something that's genuinely fulfilling? There's so much on offer from Bass Drop Dubstep that it'd be difficult to not create something you'd like to hear blaring out of your speakers, music is something that not everyone is lucky enough to be able to create but with this, everyone can have a go and come out with some pretty decent results. It's not that expensive either, once you realize how much has gone into the app and how much you can do with it. If you like the app and want to try out more of the same but find Drum and Bass more your thing, then check out Bass Drop Drum and Bass to try your hand at creating some more tunes.



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