Even More Motorola X Phone Rumors; It's Supposedly "Going to Level the Playing Field this Summer"


Picture this, you visit Motorola/Sony/Samsung/HTC or whatever your Android manufacturer of choice is, and you can build your dream smartphone. You can put as much RAM in there as you want, the processor you want, as much internal storage as you want. It's kinda like how we make our PC's these days. I just hop onto HP's website and build my desktop.

Today, Android and Me is back with some more rumors from anonymous sources, that are within Motorola and saying that the "X Phone" project is real and the first retail device will hit stores this summer. Their original source said "might" go on sale in June. but now another fact checker of theirs is telling them the target date is the end of July.



The source is also saying that the "X Phone" has already leaked out. How many of you remember that mysterious Motorola phone that leaked out last week? The source is telling Android and Me that is indeed the Motorola X Phone, but an earlier prototype of the X phone. Which means the design has been changed along with some other changes.

What we've also learned is that the back of the first "X Phone" is supposed to look mostly like this prototype shown above. But the Motorola logo is said to be touch sensitive which allow users to launch commands. This has been something Motorola has done before. Who remembers the Motorola Backflip from back in the day?


To build on this rumor, PatentBolt has just uncovered a patent application from Google that is covering the backside device touch controls. Now we have no idea what this button, or touch sensitive area could do, but we are excited to find out. It could be part of Google's new human language system they have been working on.

All these rumors make it sound like the X phone is coming out next month, but we are definitely crossing our fingers and hoping that this phone is real. We'll find out in a few months. Who's excited for the Motorola X Phone?

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