Droid Weekly 3/3/13: WebOS, Mobile World Congress, Falcon Pro, and More


LG to Acquire WebOS from HP; To Use it for Smart TVs


This week some shocking news came out of Mobile World Congress, LG announced that it was buying WebOS from HP and that they would use it on their smart TVs. Which really surprised all of us. Read More


MWC 2013: ASUS Announces the FonePad, 7-inch Tablet with Intel Atom Processor and Phone Functions


It seemed like this year at Mobile World Congress the big thing was to introduce a tablet that can make phone calls. Samsung did it to kick off the show with the Galaxy Note 8.0, and then ASUS did it with their FonePad. Read More

ASUS Announces Padfone Infinity: 5" 1080p Smartphone, Full HD Tablet dock with Snapdragon 600 CPU



Well it's not coming to the US. But it does have 1080p displays on both the phone and tablet, along with the Snapdragon 600 CPU. Not a bad offering from ASUS. Just wish they had something for the US at Mobile World Congress this year. Read More

Samsung's Huge Success with Android Has Google Worried


Reports came out this week that Google is a little worried about Samsung's success with Android. But should they be worried? Well we will leave that up to you to decide. Read More


Google Introduces Google+ Sign-in; Use your Google Credentials Anywhere


Now this should help those of you still using Facebook, officially make the switch over to Google+. You can now login with Google+ instead of Facebook, but now we just need websites and apps to implement it. Read More

Falcon Pro Priced at $132.13, say What? It's All Twitters Fault!



If you've been following our site, or even the drama that's been going on with Falcon Pro and a few other Twitter apps, you'll understand why this is Twitter's fault. Basically apps can't have more than 100,000 users. Which really sucks for developers. Read More

HTC Might Update the One X, X+, One S and Butterfly to Sense 5


Might? Wonder how long it'll take HTC to update them. Also, what about the Droid DNA? No Sense 5 love for those on Verizon? Read More


A Leaked Render and Specs of Rumored Sony C670X Hits the Web


Here we go with more leaks. This time from Sony, it appears they have another device that could be close to the Xperia Z, since the model names/numbers are pretty similar. Read More

Apple Paying $330K Per Day for Facetime Patent Infringement

Patent Wars Android Headlines Lawsuit 2


I wonder how Apple is liking being on the other side of a patent lawsuit? Well this time they have been ordered to pay $330k per day to VirnetX, who is very much like Apple and being a Patent troll. But they both have 45 days to come up with an agreement to settle. Read More

Once Upon a Time Guy Kawasaki Worked for Apple, Now He Works For Motorola

Guy Kawasaki

Motorola seems to have landed the Advisor of all advisors. This week it was announced that former Apple evangelist, Guy Kawasaki had joined Motorola. Which is a good thing for Motorola. Read More