Droid Weekly 3/24/13: T-Mobile, CyanogenMod, Nexus 7, Snapdragon 800, and More


T-Mobile Becomes the UNcarrier on march 26th


On Tuesday, T-Mobile is holding an event in New York City where they are expected to announce all of their UNcarrier changes along with their first round of LTE market launches. It's going to be a big day for magenta! Read More


Individual CyanogenMod Maintainers Passing on the Galaxy S4; Due To Exynos?


This story got a little confusing for some people. Basically a few of the maintainers for the Galaxy devices had voiced their opinion on XDA that they did not want to develop for the Galaxy S4 because Samsung does a terrible job open sourcing and documenting developing for their Exynos chips. Read More

Introducing the Android Headlines Accessory Store! Get Your Cases, Headsets, Batteries and More!



This week we launched our accessory store. We carry just about everything you can think of for each Android phone out there. Head over to the store now and check it out. Read More

HTC Blames the One Delay on Not Being One of the 'Cool' OEM's anymore

HTC One black master

Recently, HTC has been running into all kinds of trouble with the HTC One. Including it now being delayed until the end of April. Which really sucks for HTC since the Galaxy S4 will be out by then. Read More


Panasonic May Be Selling Its Smartphone Business to HTC or TSMC


Now many of you might think "Panasonic has a smartphone business?" Yeah they don't do to much with it, and never bring it to the US, so many of us don't know about their smartphones. But it appears they aren't doing so well. Read More

Xiaomi Mi-3 Shows Up in China; Snapdragon 800 2.3GHz CPU with Full HD Display



This thing is going to be powerful! Bringing the Snapdragon 800 processor which has Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 and it's clocked at 2.3GHz. I'll definitely take one. Read More

Google Play Store 4.0 Gets Previewed


This week, the guys over at Droid Life got a hold of the apk for version 4.0 of the Google Play Store. They were able to show it off in some screenshots and video, and it looks really nice in my opinion. Read More


Motorola Confirms Customizable X Phone for Google IO 2013


This week, the newest Motorola employee Guy Kawasaki took to Google+ to ask how people would love being able to customize their smartphone's hardware. Of course many of us would love too, right? Read More

Other Major Headlines this week!