Droid Game Hub 03/28/13: Reign of Amira, PUK, World Of Tanks Blitz, FieldRunners 2, Sonic The Hedgehog And More



Qualcomm Releases Reign Of Amira: The Lost Kingdom For Snapdragon 600 Devices



Recently Qualcomm released the Reign of Amira: The Lost Kingdom for devices that are to run the snapdragon 600 chipset. The game is a direct sequel to the original Reign of Amira which was originally released to show of the 320 chip.


The game looks to be a dungeon crawler almost and it looks pretty badass I have to say. Although this is supposed to be for snapdragon 600 devices exclusively, people are reporting having no issues downloading this and playing it on their Nexus 4's. So if you have an N4 and this game looks to be worth a go, check it out and let us know what you think.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1


PUK Is A Minimalist Lovers Puzzler Dream


If you love endless puzzle games, then you may want to give PUK a shot. PUK is an endless puzzle game with a minimalistic approach to visuals, but offers addictive and fast paced gameplay.unnamed (2)

It's got 1000 unique levels and LaserDogs the games developers says that its endless because the levels will load up randomly and differently each time you play. The goal of PUK is to destroy the portals by shooting discs at it, and you have a set amount of time to do so. You will be playing to see how many portals you can destroy in a set amount of time, with each level having one portal. How many portals can you destroy?



 World Of Tanks Blitz Coming To Android Soon


If you're familiar with wargaming.net, then you're already aware of the popularity that its series of MMO games like World of Tanks and World of Warplans. Recently at GDC 2013, they announced that they would be bringing a World of Tanks spinoff called World of Tanks Blitz to Android and iOS.world-of-tanks-blitz-android-game-1


This is great news for fans of the series PC titles that have been craving the same action while on the go. World of Tanks Blitz will feature 7 on 7 PvP gameplay, and you will battle it out in tanks for dominance. There is no official release date as of yet, but wargaming.net did say the game was coming soon.

Fieldrunners 2 Arrives In April, Beta Sign Ups Available Now


Subatomic Studios is the developer of one of the more popular and better tower defense games out there called Fieldrunners. If you've played the original and were a fan of the game, you'll be happy to know that the sequel, Fieldrunners 2 will be arriving next month. Sub atomic studios wants to make sure things are as smooth as possible before a full launch so they are having beta sign ups going on as of now.



If you want to get your hands on the game before it releases this is just what you've been looking for. Lush hand painted HD graphics make this game look even more awesome then the original, and it's got just as much badassery happening. This is a closed beta you won't want to miss.

Sonic The Hedgehog Coming In April


SEGA has been time warping us back to the 80's every chance they got with all of their releases of Sonic game titles. Next month they'll be at it one more time with the original Sonc The Hedgehog. Everyone's favorite little blue hero will be blazing trails and grabbing up gold rings once more. If you grew up in the 80's or owned a SEGA back then,



this game undoubtedly took up a lot of your time. Most of the Sonic titles that have already released onto the play store have been pretty good but have come with updated graphics and some of them have been brand new games entirely. This is the complete original Sonic with retro graphics just like you remember them. The game when it's released will cost $2.99.



Sony To Allow Alpha Stage Game Purchases On Playstation Platforms


Sony is making a huge decision to allow the purchase of Alpha stage games on its playstation platform devices. It's a little more common these days for indie developers to go this route, with the success of such games like minecraft that created a foothold in gaming history, can you blame them for wanting to try the same thing? Playstation mobile devices and other android devices that have the Playstation store may soon notice early development game titles available for download. Sony obviously wants to make a push to help indie developers and get more games out there for gamers, and what a better way to kill two birds with one stone.

Gameloft Releases Trailer For Dungeon Hunter 4


Remember when Dungeon Hunter was awesome? Yeah I'm talking about back in the Dungeon Hunter 2 days. That's the stuff. After what some may consider a painful fall from grace of the franchises popularity with Dungeon Hunter 3 last year, Gameloft is back with the next game in the series. They just released a trailer for the upcoming Dungeon Hunter 4 which looks to be getting back to the roots of where it all began. As badass dungeon crawler with sweet graphics and awesome hack n slash gameplay, and story to go along with it. Gameloft is toting this to be the best one so far in the series, while saying its "the most immersive and addictive chapter to date" so far in the action RPG saga. Obviously there were quite a few fans of Dungeon Hunter 3, but the game was good back when it was an actual action RPG. Hopefully Gameloft has realized this and took Dungeon Hunter 4 in this direction. Watch the trailer and drool a little over how fun it looks. No word on release date, you didn't think Gameloft would give out that much information this early did you?

Plants VS. Zombies 2 Slated For Summer Release


This is not the first we've heard from Popcap games about the upcoming sequel to their popular Plants VS Zombies game that launched on Android. It I however the first mention of release date time frame  Summer is not too far off so we could be seeing this hit the play store as early as June, or as late as late August. Time will tell but this is certainly something to get excited about now as summer is right around the corner. Popcap Games has been in the process of releasing Plants VS Zombies Adventures onto Facebook, which could share some sort of game element with PVZ2 when it's available. If you can't wait for the action, you could always get your feet wet while reading your news feed.

Gameloft Launches Teaser For Iron Man 3 Game; All Systems Go


Movie adapted game titles is nothing new for Gameloft. They are prone to developing games based off of popular big blockbuster hits. The latest is Iron Man 3. The Official Iron Man 3 Game will be an endless runner style as shown in the trailer. All the action should be a nice welcome change for those that love the genre.


If you can't wait for the movie and need a little something to hold you over, the trailer should provide you with such a feeling of happiness that you've been searching for since The Avengers left theaters  Sit back, and enjoy the ride.http://youtu.be/KKflXaTdszs