Droid Game Hub 03/23/13: Final Fantasy V, Oil Rush, Wizard ops Tactics, Order And Chaos Online, Ravensword Shadowlands And More

Here at android headlines, it's no secret that we love games. For some of us here they are part of daily life. Here's this week's roundup of gaming news that you may have missed.

Final Fantasy V May Land On Android Soon

If you're an RPG lover AND a longtime fan of the Final Fantasy series than this just may be your week. According to a Japanese Final Fantasy fan site called Final Fantasy Reunion, Final Fantasy V is slated for release in Japan sometime next week around March 28 on iOS and Android. (This is of course a rough translation) Assuming this translation of news holds to be correct, we might expect the game to head to US soil soon after. As Final Fantasy IV hasn't even been released yet, we want to take this news with a grain of salt. It isn't that hard to believe that Square Enix would release Final Fantasy V before Final Fantasy IV but there has been no mention of it before hand. Although, perhaps this is what the teaser inside the trailer for FF IV meant when it said FF V was coming soon. I'll guess we'll know soon enough come next week. Is this news striking anyone as exiting? I have been playing the Final Fantasy series since I was a kid so anything regarding a new release of an old classic that I can have at my fingertips makes for a good weekend.



Oil Rush 3D RTS Game Available Now, On Snapdragon Phones Only

It seems that the rather awesome looking Oil Rush game has moved from upcoming to here now for all (that have Snapdragon S4 chips) to play. Wait.. what was that last part? When I read this the first time it was like those commercials that tell you to buy a certain product but then at the very end, some guy who's previous job was world's fastest auctioneer reads off the legal bs. Yes, sadly, Oil Rush 3D seems to have signed into some exclusivity agreement with QUALCOMM and the S4 chipset that oil rush will be available first to those devices only for around six months. The game is finally available though which is great news for those who have those devices and are looking for a really cool looking game to play. Oil Rush 3D will set you back about $7.99, which shouldn't seem that outlandish these days given the direction high end game prices are going. Again, this game only works on S4 chipsets running the Adreno 225 or 320 GPU and at least 1GB of ram. So, if you've got all that, you're good to go






Wizard Ops Tactics Coming Soon

Good news for Phyken Media fans. They have officially announced their new tactical strategy game called Wizard Ops Tactics. All the graphics are 3D which should prove to be quite nice and it's got a rather humorous background worked in. We love funny games so this is great news. Wizard Ops Tactics will let you choose your wizard and build up your wizard army, while learning spells and special tactical moves to obliterate the other side. In a comical way of course. Phyken Media says there are over 140,000 unique army combinations that you could choose. That's a lot of replay. Wizard Ops will support both pass-n-play multiplayer using a single device and online multiplayer, which should be awesome for those who are diehard fans and can't get their friends to download this. There is no mention of the release as of yet, but Phyken Media is showing the game off at GDC next week, so more information will most likely surface at that time.



Order And Chaos Online Gets Big Content Update

Gamelofts popular MMORPG Order and Chaos Online has gotten a really large content patch. The new patch brings a completely new race for players, as well as a new starting area, new skills and new gear for that race. A new 5 man dungeon has also been added in this patch along with things like new "orange" items, new quests and the voice chat ability. You can also now change your character's name by talking to an in game npc called Rynime in Greenmont. Expect that last bit about the name change to cost money (GASP an IAP!!!) if gameloft decided to take note of some of World of Warcraft's similar feature. UI improvement, various bug fixes, and a daily bonus system are also present here. All good elements to a content push for an MMO. The patch update is live now so feel free to log on and update whenever. Anyone out there play Order and Chaos Online?






Ravensword: Shadowlands By Crescent Moon Games Now Available

Crescent Moon Games, the developer behind Aralon Sword and Shadow, has just released their new EPIC 3D rpg called Ravesword: Shadowlands to the Play Store. Full disclosure, the game will cost you about $7, but it looks amazing. I have only played about an hour or two of Skyrim, but that's what this reminds me of. Ravensword: Shadowlands is a hugely immersive RPG with an open world and lots to do. Exploration is boundless, and the game has awesome ragdoll physics and other cool realism effects. You can block in battles and dodge attacks manually which is awesome, and there's flying mounts. Need I say more? If you're looking for a sweet RPG to play on your device, this should be it. Say hello to the weekend filler.







Gamestick By Playjam Debuting At GDC; Announces Games Ahead Of Time

Android Game Consoles are starting to ramp up with all the popularity that android games have gotten. As OUYA nears consumer purchase through official launch, a more pocket friendly and portable Android game console by the name of Gamestick is going to be debuting at GDC next week. What's more, is that Playjam the gamesticks creators, are announcing games for it ahead of the show. Can I get a hoo haa?!?!? (anyone else love that dominos commercial?) Playjam says around 30 titles available at launch, as for what's been announced so farofficially, here's the list. Expendables Rearmed, Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny (from my pals over at Butterscotch shenanigans), Vector, EVAC, Asteroid 2013 3D, and Stikbold! are the current games to be available. I have played a fair number of these and I some are going to be extremely fun to play with a controller. Like say, Towelfight 2's DUAL JOYSTICK MADNESS!!!!!!!!!! I just really love that game. (It's freaking hilarious!) Watch for more information next week as GDC begins.



Gameloft Reveals Uno & Friends For Android

Remember those family gatherings where you'd sit around the "family room" table and play UNO? (it's called a family room for a reason guys, come on GEEZ!) Well Gameloft seems to think those great fun times don't have to stop there. Soon, you'll be able to take that fun with you on the go with their release of Uno & Friends for Android. Everyone's favorite card game ( I'd rather be playing some king's cup.. just sayin) is going mobile. Unlike the original UNO that gameloft has had up for some time, this new version game is cross platform. Cause why not? You'll be able to create your own game and invite your friends and family over facebook, or mobile. (ios and Android YAYY) They just released a launch trailer to wet your whistle. Don't you guys just love that saying too? Wet your whistle. It's just fun to say. Here's the trailer.



Abalone Goes Mobile with Android

Abalone has been around since 1990 when it debuted, (it even won a game of the decade award at the Cannes game festival) and it's a rather popular yet simple board game. Push six of your opposing players marbles off the board and you win. That's it. Seems easy enough right? Don't be fooled, Abalone is easy to learn but is a strategists mind game of wits. Now you can take the game with you wherever you go. If ever there is a dispute about who's the most strategic, you won't look so weird whipping this out like you would an abalone game board. (hey bro you just carry that thing around with you everywhere?) Abalone supports local multiplayer in the premium version, and has bonus levels and achievements. Bonus content is added daily. You can get the game now from the link.









Alien Hive Puts A Spin On Match 3 Gaming

Everyone loves match 3 games. Well, I'm assuming most everyone. They're addictive and fun. Alien Hive takes that genre and throws in some fun new elements. You can play at your own pace, which is great if you're playing during other activities like work, and adds things like power ups. In Alien Hive, the general idea is to slide around seeds and eggs to make alien life thrive. If you're into match 3 type games and are looking for something new, this just might be your ticket to a fresh game session. Check it out in the play store now.





Plasma Sky Has Awesome Graphics, Space, And Lasers!

Classic shooters have been popular since Asteroids and Galaga. The developers of Plasma Sky know this. That's why they gave us Plasma Sky. Cool Neon graphics and lots and lots of lasers fill the screen for some good old fashioned arcade shump goodness. Things like 80 level conquest mode with unlimited continues, and Hardcore mode with NO continues should keep the shump players fairly busy. Can anyone reach the level beyond human possibility? Challenge accepted. It's available now in the Play Store for $1.99, hit the jump and warp speed to 1989. Change not needed. GO!






Emergency Turns You Into A Digital Hero

Tired of the mundane? Bored from the same old same old and ready to slam your device into your face in anger? STOP! Play Emergency instead. Emergency takes 13 disaster scenarios and puts you in the hot seat to solve the problems that lead to what gamers call a WIN. In each mission you will have 18 different units at your command and you must dispatch them to help resolve one of the scenarios. The game is action packed with all the terrible things you wish would never happen in real life, but its ok cause it's just a game. Emergency is in the Play Store now for $3.99 so if you fancy yourself a hero, PROVE YOURSELF GOOD SIR! Or ma'am.

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