Droid Game Hub 03/09/13: Way Of The Dogg, Temple Run OZ, God Of Blades, Bladeslinger, Asphalt 7, Gun Bros 2, And More!

Here at android headlines, we love games. We love games so much we feel the need to talk about them weekly with you guys. With all the game news that pops up we feel we need to keep you guys in the loop, because we know you love games too.



Snoop Dogg Comes To Android In "Way Of The Dogg"

I know we never got the T-Pain app. Not the worst thing to happen to the android ecosystem, although it's hard to not want something that makes you sound like a harmonious robot. Instead we have something better, or should I say weirder perhaps. A Snoop Dogg game. "Way of The Dogg" is more than likely just a way for Snoop to get some more publicity, but who knows, maybe he just really likes games and wanted to be featured in one. Way of The Dogg will be a rhythm based action game where you will have to input strings of combos to make snoop fight against his opponents. Did I mention Bruce Lee style? Yeah, makes me think of Adult Swim Cartoon Black Dynamite too.



Disney And Imangi Studios Team Up For Temple Run OZ

With the Success of their previous franchise mashup, Temple Run Brave and Imangi's newest, Temple Run 2, who didn't see something like this coming? When you think about it, OZ is actually kind of a perfect set up for this type of game. Hes in a balloon that's flying uncontrollably on his way to the land of OZ. On the way there he'll cross all kinds of gold coins and power ups and inevitably run through an endless loop of grabbing all this loot till the end of time. Maybe this should have been the plot of the movie. I kid I kid. The based off Disney's "Oz The Great and Powerful" will have you playing as the wizard himself, (naturally) and all the same elements are here accept for one new addition. Brief moments of bliss will befall upon you while you float in the Wizards balloon tilting and picking up coins before the mayhem continues. We all know it'll be a hit. Who can admit they'll try it out?



God Of Blades Brings Epic Sword Swinging Action To Android

If you said you wanted a mix of an endless runner, Mortal Kombat style graphics and sidescrolling visuals, and epic sword fighting, well then you'd have God Of Blades. More sword fighting, club swinging, gesture based combat then any mere mortal can handle in anything longer than a one hour session is here to make remember just how much you missed pulp fantasy. Riddled with lore, action and plenty of well... swords, God Of Blades is an endless sidescrolling runner with gesture combat. You play an undead king who runs across the land to save the world from great evil. The game actually looks kind of bad ass and for $0.99 White Whale Games did a solid here. Would you guys try this out?





Cow Crusher For Android Aims To Make Us Remember That Beef Is King

One can't help but notice that Cow Crusher is taking a simple stab at the slew of Horse meat debacles running rampant in the UK over the last few weeks. In Cow Crusher you basically have to make sure that your giant burger making machine stamps down on cows but dodges Horses or any other animal of any kind. The game is simple enough, and might serve the purpose of time waster for a brief 30 minute wait at the DMV. If you were asking yourself what do I do in Cow Crusher? You crush cows into beef based foods. Burgers, steaks, meatloaf, you name it. Just make sure your food only contains beef. Can anyone see themselves playing this?





Asphalt 7 Heat Gets Update And Brings New Supercars And Tracks

Asphalt fans out there are revving up their engines as they prepare for the newest update from Gameloft that came to Asphalt 7 Heat. Bringing with it new supercars and new racetracks, the update weighs in at an obscenely large 1.5gb so make sure you clear some space or even have the proper amount available, and if at all possible do this on a wifi connection. Although some people will be able to pull this off over 4g or LTE. I have downloaded larger games on more than one occasion at my work downtown. The update includes 2 new lottery's , two new events ( Lamborghini and Tuatara) and limited time cups and events. If you already own this game than rush over to the play store under your apps list and hit the update button, if you're on 4.1 + and have had bugs or issues, the update should fix that too. Happy racing!






Gun Bros 2 Brings All The Brotastic Gun Slingin' Action You Could Ever Want

Glu Mobiles Popular Top Down shooter franchise Gun Bros finally saw the sequel come to the play store this week. If you were a fan of the original and were eagerly awaiting the follow up, well no more waiting for you as the game is now officially live on the play store. Top down, massive artillery, action packed mayhem is what you have to look forward to here. As per the previous title, Gun Bros 2 is a free title, with some IAP of course like most games these days.

Gun Bros 2 carries over the fun and crazy comedic gameplay of the original but adds multiplayer right out of the gate and adds plenty of new weaponry to bring down your foes.Look down upon your enemies and shoot them down in a fit of rage.





City Conquest Is Tower Defense Meets RTS

City Conquest pays homage to the RTS style games of yesteryear like the original Starcraft, Age of Empires, and Command and Conquer. If you've ever played an RTS style game then you already know that you will be playing City Conquest by starting on one side of the map and building up your base with towers, weaponry, turrets and defenses. The game boasts 14 single player campaign missions and 6 challenge maps. Oh and it's free with no micro transactions. Its ad supported of course but they don't really get in the way. Into RTS and tower defense? Give it a try and see what you think.






Rovios Newest Venture "The Croods" To Launch Next Week

It's no surprise that Rovio has had their hands in just about everything over the last year or so. Since their unbridled success of Angry Birds and the many, many, Angry Birds spin offs have flooded into our hands for that oh so familiar sling shot bird flingin action, Rovio has had a few other games fly into the spotlight, including Amazing Alex, Bad Piggies, and Angry Birds Star Wars. Rovios Newest game The Croods is said to launch as shortly as next week, where this time around you actually aren't doing anything physics based. The game is set to the tune of Dreamworks new movie, and it looks like a world builder which is something totally new from Rovio. From the looks of the gameplay trailer the game seems like it could plenty of fun with many things to do. As all world builders go you'll gather resources and build up things over time. It'll be interesting to see how Rovio makes their mark into this genre and what they do differently if anything. Look forward to this soon because Next week is nearly here.



Samurai VS Zombie Defense 2 Slashes Onto Google Play

Glu mobiles popular Samurai VS Zombie Defense got a follow up this week. Samurai VS zombie Defense 2 slashes its way into our hearts with two new assassins (the kunoichi assassin and armored ronin) and tons of new weapons and equipment to help cut down the masses of undead. No sir, that old sword just won't do. The game is of course fairly popular so far just like the original and if you wish you can try it out now for free by hitting the link below. The game will not cost you a cent unless you so choose to fork out some real money for in game purchases. The IAP's are in no way mandatory however so play for free to your heart's content.





Cut The Rope Experiments Receives Update With 25 New Levels

If you play Cut The Rope Experiments then you'll be happy to know that your favorite little green guy is back with plenty of new levels and plenty of ants to help aid in your errm.... experimenting. The new "Ant Hill" collection of levels brings lots of fun without having to grab for the bug spray or ant traps. Simply drop candy in the right spot and watch the ants rush for it like a swarm of people for the last Christmas ham at your local supermarket. The game stays true to its roots while just a couple new elements. If you already own Cut The Rope Experiments the update will be free and available to you when you go to your "my apps" list. If you're a new comer to the game it'll only set you back a mere $0.99, which is plenty worth it for the fun logic game.




Nvidia Shows Off Riptide GP 2 In The Newest Android Thursday Video

If you have been following Nvidia's Project Shield at all you may already know that they do a couple sets of weekly videos to show off some cool stuff about their new game gadget hitting market this year. During their newest "Android Thursdays" video Nvidia shows off the awesomeness of Riptide GP 2 and how well it plays on Project Shield. Riptide GP 2 will of course come with Tegra 4 specific enhancements and rightfully so if, since the last game from vector unit was a tegra game to start. The Tegra 4 enhancements will include HDR lighting and boosted reflection shaders, and it wouldn't be as awesome if didn't also come with enhanced water and particle effects, so it does. Riptide GP 2 will also boast an all new spectator mode and a very welcomed controller support feature ( who saw this coming... hmmmm) which should surprise no one since its basically being demoed on a giant controller with a screen. As excited as we are  here for Project Shield, this just brings the excitement to a whole new level.



Bladeslinger Finally Hits Android; Shoot, Slash, And Combo Punch The Corrupted

The Long, long, long awaited title from Luma Arcade and Publisher Kerosene Games "Bladeslinger" has finally landed on the google play store. Dropping on iOS earlier this year, Bladeslinger has gathered a massive following. We first heard about this game well over a year ago and I was lucky enough to meet these guys at I/O2012 to play a brief preview of what was to come. Here it is almost a year later and I finally have the game on my own Nexus 7 tablet. Intuitive gesture based controls, mixed with a  killer story and bad ass combat system make Bladeslinger just the game many people have been waiting for. You play as William Gaston, who has returned home to Hammer's Peak to find that not all is right. The game has unparalleled graphics and some sweet effects like depth of field. While the game is not Tegra 3 exclusive like it was originally thought to be, the graphics settings should only be ramped up if you run a high end device as it may slow the gameplay , and you wouldn't want to ruin such an awesome experience. Use bad ass combat power cards to give you an edge, and upgrade your gunblade attacks and bullets to pack a major punch against the corrupted. The game is $2.99 and comes with IPA's but they are not mandatory. Bladeslinger comes with two modes so far, Story and Arena. Once you complete the second chapter in story mode, Arena should unlock and this will allow you to gain some gold and spirit gems to aid you in your upgrade pursuits. Overall, the game is a flurry of action and the best game on Android to date.





Shadowrun Returns Gets A Firstlook Gameplay Trailer

Hairbrained Schemes, the developers behind the kickstarter project to revive the old Shadowrun game have been hard at work lately. It seems they have decided to reward us with a little first look video of the gameplay for Shadowrun Returns. Shadowrun is a game franchise that has been around the block a few times. Its roots stem from the PC and even a wayward Xbox FPS title got thrown in the mix. Shadowrun returns brings us back to the old wonderful world of the original. Just with updated graphics and plenty of new features. Shadowrun returns is currently available for preorder on PC and Mac, and will supposedly be launching this summer. Perhaps soon after we'll see the Android and iOS releases as well.

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