Droid Game Hub 03/02/13: Robo5, Dragon Summoner, Deprofundis, Bad Piggies, AVP Evolution, And More



Robo5 Satisfies Your Steampunk Craving

3D action puzzle games never get old, and that's why we've chosen to highlight Robo5 in this week's game hub. Robo5 gives you control of a tiny robot hat you must navigate through a steampunk themed universe to his ultimate freedom from the clutches of the lab where he was born. Primarily you'll be helping robo5 climb mountains of boxes to achieve his goal. The charming adventure you help him embark on will surely twist and tease your mind. Can you help robo reach the top before his battery dies? Hopefully, because if not then its game over. Robo5 features 5 chapters across 40 levels, each one helping to uncover a piece of the puzzle about robo and his history. It even sports 8 hidden bonus levels or "Diaries" to uncover. It's an endearing and mind-bending story of self-discovery that you won't be able to put down. If you like puzzle games that offer more than just puzzles, check this game out on the play store now for free. That's a steal for all that you're getting, has anyone tried this out yet?





A New Card Combat Game Titled Dragon Summoner Arises From Gameloft

Gameloft has been known to drop games randomly before, so this is really no surprise, but they have released a new TCG game onto Google play. Dragon summoner isn't your typical TCG game either as it features a somewhat unique animated battle system during combat to give it a more RPG type feel. At least that's what I'm imagining it looks like. Other features include the ability to collect and fuse over 200 cards, 3 alliances to choose from (mages, warriors, and hunters) allied online play for raids, and battling against other players which you can loot after their pathetic defeat. Make sure they hang their heads in shame, as they should. I'm no fan of TCG games myself, but I enjoy the Fantasy/Manga based artwork as I am a pretty huge manga/anime fan. Dragon summoner is free for those who wish to try it out, it does come with IAP's but then again so do most games now.





Diablo On Android? Nope That's DeProfundis!

I do enjoy my hack n slash games. I was a huge fan of dungeon hunter and dungeon hunter 2, mainly because it dispatched my yearning for that type of action and gameplay that I missed so much from Diablo 2. Sadly there hasn't been another hack n slash that gives you a true dungeon crawler feel. Until now. DeProfundis is a dungeon crawlers dungeon crawler. Tap to move controls and 3D graphics, an adventurous story line that should grab just about any fan of the genre and of course, all that hacking and slashing. DePrfundis has one character so far, which you can build around one of the four skill trees currently offered in the game which are warrior, void mage, elementalist, and ritualist. You know the gist of these games. Grind, grind, grind. Swing your sword and fling your magic through halls and deep chasms of evil and kill anything that moves. Gather sweet loots and adorn your body with your findings for you will surely need those items to dispose of your foes. DeProfundis offers 3 game modes, and a hardcore mode for premium users. Randomly generated dungeons should keep things light and fresh for a while. On the loot side of things it's pretty much your standard tier of items, with Gold being the top tier. The best possible feature here might be the cloud save function though, which allows you to save your character to the cloud so you can swap between devices at a moment's notice. If you're a true hack n slash fan DeProfundis is definitely worth giving a go.





Road Hogs Update For Bad Piggies Finally Screeches Onto Goggle Play; 30 New Levels Of Enjoyment For All

More than a month later after teasing all of us with a twitpic about the roadhogs update, it has finally arrived for all bad piggies lovers to enjoy. The road hogs update is truly part of the flight in the night series of levels, adding 30 more levels to the already existing ones for you to get your stealth on. The road hogs part of things comes from the 6 time trial levels that were also added into this update, which has you pit up against your best times and using the various contraptions you've created and collected along the way. The update is live for both versions of the Bad piggies game. HD and standard so fear not if you have one or the other and are worried you may not be able to get it. Head over to the play store now and pick up Bad Piggies of you haven't already, or just go check your apps list for the update.





AVP: Evolution Finally Surfaces; Choose Your Side Wisely

They've teased us, They've taunted us. For months and months they've had us yearning for the chance to play both sides. Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about Fox digital and AVP Evolution. First off, I want to state that this game is pretty bad ass  Ripping you enemies apart in a Mortal Combat fashion with the predator could only be described as awesome. Although my girlfriend had described it as "gross", and "eeewww" as she watched me play this on my nexus 7.In AVP: Evolution you'll actually have the chance to play as both sides (Aliens and Predators) but you'll be given the ability to choose which one you start with. I chose predators because they're clearly the superior being. A new race of Super Predators have arisen and taken over. The aliens have become their slaves, and the jungle hunter predators are being hunted down and wiped out. You are either the jungle hunter and must fight back for the future of your race, or you are an Alien who must escape captivity and free the other aliens and protect the queen.There's plenty of blood and gore and special life ending moves to be enjoyed and enjoy it you shall for a mere $5. The game was developed by Angry mob games who you might remember also made muffin knight and Guerilla Bob which were both great. If you're finally ready to settle the score between these two races go now and download it from the play store.





LG Shows Off The Beaming Capabilities Of The Optimus G And A Smart TV With A Little Shadowgun

Playing games from your smartphone on your TV is nothing new, but the ability to do so wirelessly or through beaming certainly is a little more of a fresh feature. LG decides to show off just what their new Optimus G and Smart TV are made of in this category by playing and beaming Shadowgun to an 84' inch smart TV at MWC 2013. Utilizing the "world's first wireless ultra HD transmission technology", LG shows us how Shadowgun plays out and what we can expect from this type of feature. The video below shows a tad bit of lag which is to be expected at this stage, but surely this will get better with time as the feature becomes more mainstream. For now I think I'll stick to plugging in and using a wireless bluetooth controller. LG states that where their tech differs from others that are similar is the rate of transfer for the data. Between the smartphones S4 pro chip and the super long name technology LG hasn't coined with a sexy term yet, the stream looks fantastic on even a large scale display like the one in the video. There's just that tiny issue with the lag. Oh, and there may be the issue of learning to control the game if you're not actually looking at the phone screen to see where you fingers are placed. You can definitely see the buttons on the big screen, but for times when you have to move your fingers to hit different actions, this can get a tad bit tricky as you won't necessarily know what you're hitting if you're looking at the TV. This is the problem I've found with not using a controller of some sort. While there are a few flaws and kinks to work out, this is still pretty exciting to see and maybe by then end of the year we'll see some major improvement in how it works.



11 Bit Studios Confirms Anomaly 2, Sadly Its PC Only

I'll be the first to say it. Or maybe I'm number 2,354 who knows, but this pretty much sucks. I love 11 Bit Studios and their work of the Anomaly games and after the teaser video they pushed out and watching the actual Anomaly 2 trailer I can say without a doubt that I want to shovel my money into their faces to play this. So long as I remember that I can only do it on my laptop I'm fine. Then sorrow sets in and dark shrouded clouds surround my home like I'm being sucked into the unending abyss because I just want to play this on my nexus at work. Alas, the ability is so far not a reality. I know I am not the only one that is saddened by this fact. Perhaps the silver lining here though is that a spokesperson from 11 Bit said that they would love to bring the Anomaly 2 experience to mobile. So, let's make it happen guys.Anomaly has plenty of new features of which the most notable is the ability to transform your troops into mech warriors to decimate your enemies. There is also going to be a multiplayer mode where one side is the offense and the other side plays as the defense. Let me just say that this is probably the most groundbreaking thing to happen to Tower defense/offense games and that I need to play this now.  Most other details are scarce about this game but until we hear more you can watch the tantalizing eye candy video that we have provided for you. Really, it's that good looking.



Dynamite Jack Raiding The Play Store Next Week

Dynamite Jack is a 2D top down shooter that is currently on iOS devices and is rather quite popular I might add. It seems that it may be heading to android this next week which is good news for all those who love this genre. Your role is that of a brave space marine who has been imprisoned and enslaved to work in the mines. With only a flashlight and some bombs at your side, you will have to strategically place explosives to kill off your enslavers and escape to freedom. You must use stealth when necessary to sneak past certain enemies and blow up the ones who need to be destroyed.Dynamite Jack boasts 28 official maps but there is a host of community made maps that have been submitted so it seems like there could be an almost endless stream of levels to play so long as the devs keep accepting community made content. Each level also has its own speedrun leaderboard so you can compete with friends and strangers alike.With the cool retro-esque visuals and the ability to create more game play $2.99 is a tasty price to sink your teeth into. Hopefully we only have to wait a week to get our hands on this.



Real Racing 3 Gets Released For Pure Racing Pleasure

Amidst all the bad press and the spiteful hatred for EA I just have to say that Real Racing 3 is rather enjoyable. Even the small amount of time I have dumped into it thus far has been fun. That being said, the game is now available for all and you do not have to spend a dime if you don't want to. There are over 900 different events to race in and the ability to compete against anyone anywhere anytime in what EA is calling their time shift multiplayer mode, which essentially allows you to race against the AI who is using vehicles and times based off of friends in your list. The wait times haven't popped up for me yet but even that shouldn't be a problem once you have more than a few cars in your garage, you can just swap one out while the other are being repaired or upgraded. As stated the game is free yet does support IAP for those who want to speed things up a bit. Graphically the game is beautiful especially on the nexus 7 and plays pretty fluidly. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a racing title with plenty of content and even more eye candy.





Humble Bundle For Android 5 Could Be Arriving Soon

Humble Bundle is always one of my favorite things to looks forward to. Great games at a ridiculously low price of WHATEVER YOU WANT TO PAY is just too good to pass up. Now the fact that Humble Bundle for Android 5 is coming soon is just a rumor, but we have learned that Dynamite Jack is going to be one of the games in the pack, which is set to arrive on Android next week. Could this mean were looking at a follow up of the next Humble Bundle for Android? We certainly hope so. Take this information with a grain of salt and a dash of hope. On that note, now's a good time to brush up on old Humble Bundle favorites. It's Time to open the vault and check out what I haven't played in a while.

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