Droid Daily 3/27/13: Primetime, Chromebook Pixel, Minuum Keyboard, Google Play and More


How to fix Bad Battery life on the Gnex on Verizon with Android 4.2.2

Well it's actually not hard to fix it, just a bit time consuming. Do a factory reset. First make sure your data is already backed up before doing so though.

Gamestick to Support XBMC

GameStick Controller


When the Gamestick does finally launch, it'll come supporting XBMC. Which is always a good thing. Word on the street is that there is a demo unit of the Gamestick floating around out there somewhere.

Google Play Purchase History Now Viewable with My Purchases


Recently, Google took away the ability to view your Google Play purchase history. But we now have My Purchases to fix that issue. Check it out on the Play Store


Apple's Macbook no Longer the "Highest resolution"


Wonder why it took them that long to remove that from their site? Since the Pixel has been out for a little while now and the LTE version is heading out in about a week and a half.

Minuum Keyboard Hits $60,000 Goal



A New keyboard for  Android has been making headlines this week. That's Minuum which kickstarted with a goal of $60,000 which was reached today. The developers also detailed a wearable developer kit today.

Google TV's Primetime Gets Updated


Today, PrimeTime for Google TV was updated and brings Amazon Prime Content, a subscription selector, along with various bug fixes. Could this be the start of a big Google TV push come summer?