Droid Daily 3/22/13: T-Mobile, Archos, Amazon and More


T-Mobile Stores Closing Sunday for New Rate Plan?

Looks like T-Mobile's retail stores will be closing for a few hours on Tuesday for the new rate plan and some UNcarrier training. I don't know about you, but I can't wait for these changes, as a current T-Mobile customer.

Archos 97 and 80 Titanium Tablets Arrive in the US



The long awaited Archos 97 and 80 of the Titanium family of tablets have finally made it to the US. The Titanium 97 will cost you $249 and the Titanium 80 for $169.

T-Mobile LTE Picked up in a number of Markets Today


Today, T-Mobile seems to be testing their LTE network in 8 different markets on Galaxy S3's, S4's and Galaxy Note 2's. These cities include Seattle, Denver, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, San Diego, Kansas City, and San Jose. That's in addition to Kansas City. Early speed tests are showing 25mbps download with 8mbps upload and 40ms latency.


Angry Birds Star Wars Getting New Levels soon

Coming soon to Angry Birds Star Wars, some Cloud city Levels as well as Carbon Frozen Bird. How many of you are tired of Angry Birds by now?

Amazon App Giveaway


Amazon is giving away a ton of apps today. This is part of their 2nd birthday celebration for their App Store.


Sony Guts the Xperia Tablet Z for you

Want to know whats in the Xperia Tablet Z? Well here you go. All thanks to Sony!