Droid Daily 3/17/13: Samsung Galaxy S4, Chrome/Chrome OS, OUYA and More


No Online Multiplayer on OUYA at Launch, Alternate Platforms on the Horizon


This week OUYA announced that it will not support online multiplayer, but rather they want to be built into your TV. Never fear, because with any open source platform there are alternatives out there. Read More


Google Now Features Are Set To Hit Chrome OS and the Windows Based Chrome Browser


We've been hearing about this for some time, we keep seeing more Google Now related code in the beta's for Chrome and Chrome OS. But Google Now is still now here, but it is coming. Read More

Google I/O 2013 Now Sold Out



This week, Google I/O tickets went on sale. They sold out in about an hour, which is longer than expected. Now it's time to get excited as we'll see a new version of Android there, and a few other cool releases for Google products. Read More

Acer Starts Selling New Chromebook for $280, Packs more RAM and Better Battery Life


This week, Acer stepped up their Chromebook game. Upgrading their existing $199 Chromebook to having 4GB of RAM and a bigger battery for $280. Still not a bad price for what you're getting. Read More


More Motorola X Phone Rumors; Will Have User Customizable Hardware


So many new X Phone rumors coming out this week. Including being able to choose what hardware you want in your X Phone, among many other rumors. Read More

The Galaxy S4 from Samsung; Full HD AMOLED; Android 4.2.2; Exynos 5 Octa-core



On Thursday, Samsung introduced us to the Galaxy S4. Which from the looks of it, doesn't look like a huge upgrade over the S3. But once you see the specs, and other features, you'll know that it's a big upgrade. Read More

HTC Joins LG in Trolling Samsung at Unpacked 2013


HTC seems to have grown some balls lately, they were outside of Radio City Music hall when press was lining up to enter for Samsung's Unpacked event and showing off the HTC One. They also called the Galaxy S4 "The Next Big Flop". Read More


Round Up: Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands-on


We rounded up all the thoughts and opinions from those that were at Unpacked this week to check out the Galaxy S4. Check out what they had to say.