Custom ROM Spotlight: GalaxyMod for the Galaxy S3

March 15, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham



We’re back again this week with another custom ROM Spotlight. This week we are taking a look at GalaxyMod (Simple. Elegant. Brilliant.). It’s available for most Galaxy S3 models, including the Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Metro PCS variants of the Galaxy S3. If you like Touchwiz and have been waiting on your carrier to push out the update with multi-window, then you’ll want to check this ROM out. It’s based off of Android 4.1.1, it’s deodexed, zipaligned and rooted.



  • Installs and runs on all major US SGS3 carriers
  • Completely removed software rendering
  • Full Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 rendering
  • Active data logging prevention
  • Patched services.jar
  • V6 Supercharger binary
  • Kickass Kernelizer binary
  • Battery Calibration binary
  • Custom V6 Supercharger settings
  • Ext4 filesystem
  • Maximum SSD performance
  • Speed & performance tweaks
  • Custom tweaks
    • LockMod (Ported by me and Didact74)
      • Acer Cloud
      • Sense 4.0
      • BlackBerry 10
      • Galaxy S3 Ripple/Circle
      • AOSP
      • LG Optimus
      • Rotary
    • MIUI batterybar
    • QuickPanel settings
    • Headphone shortcuts
  • MMS extended settings
  • Advanced Power Menu
    • Reboot
    • Hot Reboot
    • Recovery
    • Download
  • 23 extended statusbar toggles
  • Increased number of joinable contacts
  • Extended camera settings
    • Camera in call
    • Optional shutter sound
  • Enhanced network and WiFi
  • Hacked hotspot
  • Call/message blocking
  • Smart rotation
  • Smart stay
  • Blocking Mode
  • Various notification icons removed
  • Unlocked WiFi tethering
  • Dual-Core app optimization
  • Proper cell standby readings
  • Multi-DPI support
  • Multi-window
  • Fewer launcher redraws
  • Script-based backup utility
  • sysro/sysrw command support
  • Init.d script support
    • Better multitasking
    • Cron
    • Cache binding
    • Smart zipalign
  • Muted boot sounds

How to Install

  1. Download GalaxyMod (no Gapps needed as they are included) and place it on the internal storage
  2. Reboot into recovery
  3. Wipe Data and dalvik cache
  4. Flash
  5. Reboot

Supported Devices

  • d2tmo
  • d2vzw
  • d2usc
  • d2spr
  • d2att
  • d2cri

You can check out GalaxyMod’s thread on XDA for more information along with downloads. What ROM are you currently running? Let us know in the comments below, it might be in the spotlight next week.