Could This Be Google's Babble? Probably Not, But it Looks Nice

babble2 e1364315972353

With rumors that Google is going to be unifying all of their messaging platforms into one service, there’s been a number of leaks and rumors as to what it’s going to look like on Android. As well as what it’s going to be able to do as well. There’s always going to be speculation concerning something like this, and when you think of how long we’ve had to deal with fragmented messaging solutions from Google, we’re all excited to see what Babble – if that’s what it’s even called – is going to bring.

A lot of people are pretty excited to see what a unified messaging platform could bring to Android in particular, after all a lot of us use Google Talk but, then there’s the Google+ Messenger app. There only really needs to be one app or service, that ties in well with Google+, something like that is what I think a lot of us are wanting to see Google implement.

Now, there’s nothing to suggest that the leaks we’re seeing are real or not so, get that salt shaker ready and apply generously. A Dutch site, Skloink, has been given – by an anonymous tipster of course – a screenshot of Babble running on the HTC One. What makes this a little more interesting than just a regular screenshot is that it’s a photo taken of the app running on the device, which we suppose is done to lend it more credibility.


It certainly does look like something Google would do, and has that sort of, cardified look that Google Now introduced at last year’s I/O. There’s apparent integration into Google+ and above all, a clean interface that looks easy to use. Speaking of I/O, it’s rumored that “Babble”, or whatever it’s going to be called, is going to be announced at this year’s I/O conference in May.

What do you want to see from Google’s Babble? Is there something that Google need to add to such a service or, would putting them altogether be good enough?