Could Google Keep be Drive's Evernote?

For those of us that live and work inside of Google's products, like Drive, Docs, GMail etc there's always been one thing that seems to be missing and that's a decent note-taking app. Sure, you could argue that you can quite easily create a text document on the fly - which you can - but, there's never been a cohesive note-taking application from Google. That might all be changing however, with the discovery of something that might have been in the works for some time now: Google Keep.

Android Police are reporting that Google Keep has been in the works for some time now and that its website is active but, behind closed doors so to speak. There are a number of URLs that have been uncovered as well:, All of them navigate to a fancy Google 404 page which is of course, put in place for those that don't have access to it. There's another curious URL as well, the tiny redirects to a Google Play Store listing: Which doesn't go anywhere just yet but, it's especially strange for any part of Drive to be getting its own Android app as all of Docs was absorbed into the Drive app.

So, just what the hell is "Keep" well, there's one example to show something that it does do and that's save websites. Some time ago, the official Google+ page was showing off instant previews when searching on mobile and they forgot to scrub out the "Add to Google Keep" link at the bottom of each preview, which you can clearly see below:

It's unclear just what Google are going to do with Keep but, as Android Police discovered when they had time to play with it, it's more than likely that Google Keep will become an Evernote of sorts for Google. Chromebook users will remember Scratchpad that Google abandoned some time ago and big fans of the plucky app will want to see something fill the gap. The website went live for a short time and screen grabs were taken, that look very much like a dedicated Note app. The desktop version of the site went live and there are lists, notes and of course, a search bar:


A quick snap of what looks like the mobile version of the web app was also taken as well:


The service looks to be a little rusty around the edges right now and apparently there's no - apparent - integration with the rest of Drive. If anything, this certainly looks like a spartan Evernote from Google. Hopefully there'll be an announcement coming soon as this could be a pretty great addition to Google's line of products. Let's just hope they keep ads out of this one, am I right?

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