Correction: The HTC One Will Be Coming to Verizon… Eventually


What? Something on Twitter turned out to be incorrect? But I thought there really were single girls in my area looking to hook up… I guess we have all learned a lot today.

But yes, despite the Tweet that was sent out last week by the official HTC USA twitter account that read: "The HTC One will not be available on the Verizon network, but have you seen the awesome #DROIDDNA?" The tweet has been removed from HTC's Twitter account and we can now confirm that the HTC One will be coming to Big Red… eventually. It seems that the HTC one will be delayed at least a couple of months behind its release on the other 3 major carriers. Presumably this does mean that we will get an LTE variant of HTC's latest flagship device on America's largest LTE network. There is a pretty solid chance that Verizon will re-brand the HTC One as something else. Possibly the Droid One, or the Droid DNA One… or the Droid DNA 2X One Extreme… something along those lines.


But if you are a Verizon customer and your heart is set on an HTC device, should you wait for the HTC One or just buy the Droid DNA right away? That depends on what you use your phone for most of the time.




As you can see the differences between the two devices are mostly nominal. But the HTC One does boast a slightly larger battery as well as a more powerful processor. The chart above doesn't show it, but the HTC One also has a sharper, more vivid display as well. But the most significant difference between the two devices is the camera. Of course the HTC One hasn't been released to reviewers just yet, so we haven't had a lot of opportunities to see the new "Ultrapixel" technology out in the wild. But everything we have seen so far has indicated that we might have a really impressive smartphone camera on our hands, especially for low-light situations.

All that to say, if you are a Verizon customer in the market for a device right now, there are probably better options than the Droid DNA, but if you can wait, the HTC One might be a great option, especially for those of you Instagram addicts. We will let you know as soon as we have a release date for the HTC One on Verizon.

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