Comparison: How Does T-Mobile's New Plans Stack Up Against the Competition?

Yesterday, T-Mobile announced their new rate plans along with some other announcements. The new rate plans shocked us, okay not really since we saw all the leaks and they actually launched over the weekend. With these new plans we can tell that T-Mobile is seriously undercutting the competition. In fact they even released the image above which shows how much they are undercutting the other three carriers. We've also put together a couple of tables that break it down a bit more for you. One is comparing Individual plans and the other is family plans.

First we're going to start off with the Individual plans and comparing them. As you know Verizon and T-Mobile are now only offering unlimited texts and minutes, while Sprint and AT&T have other plans like 450 and 900 minutes in addition to their unlimited. Where it gets complicated is the data. AT&T has 3 different plans unless you want an overpriced mobile share plan. Then Sprint and T-Mobile both have unlimited data, and Verizon has their extremely overpriced mobile share plans which start at 1GB and range in size and price up to 50GB.

Now the Family plans are a bit different. While T-Mobile has kept them rather reasonable and easy to understand, Verizon and AT&T have their mobile share plans which are kinda difficult to understand. But they range in price, both starting at $130 for 1GB of data and 2 devices. While Sprint is a flat $209.98 for the first two devices then charge an additional $99 for each line after that.

We'll let you be the judge, but from what I can tell T-Mobile has raised the bar (or is that lowering the bar?) for their competitors. If enough people start flocking over to T-Mobile for these new plans with no contracts, you'll likely see the others follow suite will soon. How much are you paying per month for your phone bill? Let us know in the comments below, also if you're thinking about switching over to T-Mobile.

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