Carphone Warehouse Reports Four-Times the Demand of the Galaxy S III for the S IV

March 20, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S IV to the world, there was a lot of buzz – most of it negative – surrounding the fact that it was a very iterative jump from the Galaxy S III. Personally, I think Samsung did the right thing when they went from the S III to the S IV, if there was no need for drastic change, then why implement it? The old proverb of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies just as well to smartphones as it does anything else – especially one as popular as the Galaxy S III was throughout 2012. It seems that Samsung’s design choices with the Galaxy S IV may have well paid off.

UK retailer, Carphone Warehouse, is reporting that they’ve had 4 times the amount of pre-registrations for the Galaxy S IV than they did with the Galaxy S III. That’s an impressive feat for a smartphone that doesn’t even have reviews in the mainstream press yet. Perhaps even more interesting is that this data was taken in a smaller timeframe than it was for the Galaxy S III. Pre-registration data was taken across 5 days for the Galaxy S III and just 3 days for the Galaxy S IV. There isn’t even any solid pricing information from retailers yet, people are saying they want to buy a phone that they have no real idea of how much it’s going to cost.

Samsung clearly have a hit on their hands here and, it might go on to become the best-selling Android smartphone yet. After all, the Galaxy S III sold like hotcakes and has sold little over 50 Million since its launch last year. Carphone Warehouse offer a £29 fee to make sure that you’re one of the first in line to get your hands on the latest flagship. This sort of news must be pretty pleasing to Samsung’s ears, with the Xperia Z still getting off the ground and the HTC One delayed Samsung have the opportunity to outsell everyone else on a massive scale.

Plastic or not, it looks like this smartphone is going to shift masses of units – will you be purchasing the Galaxy S IV? Let us know in the comments.