Android Phone Wars: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Phone Wars Galaxy S4 Vs Galaxy Galaxy S3

After the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4 at Unpacked on March 14th, many of you with the Galaxy S3 were probably thinking "Do I need to upgrade?" Well we are going to help you answer that question today. We're putting the next generation Galaxy S vs the last generation Galaxy S device. Both devices are Exynos for International variants and Snapdragon's for the US and other LTE markets. So let's get this war started.



Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy s4 press 5

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled on March 14th, and will be launching worldwide beginning late April. It's bringing a 5-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display along with a very similar design to the previous Galaxy S device. Samsung also added a bunch of new features like S Health, S Translator and plenty more. The Galaxy S4 is going to come to about 6 different carriers in the US including Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, US Cellular, and Cricket at launch. We may have more carriers coming after the Galaxy S4 launches in April/May.


  • Powerful device; Early benchmarks are twice as high as the Galaxy S3
  • Removable battery and expandable storage
  • Full HD Display
  • Available on more carriers than any other device


  • AMOLED display; those displays are crazy bright
  • Design is very close to the Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3


The Galaxy S3 was announced in May 2012, and started launching in July. It was available on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and US Cellular at launch and later on Metro PCS and Cricket. The Galaxy S3 introduced the plastic design with rounded corners that don't infringe on Apple's patents. The Galaxy S3 also brought quite a few features like Smart Stay, Smart rotation and a ton of other optimizations on Touchwiz.


  • Removable battery and expandable storage
  • 720p display
  • No Exynos processors for the US, stuck on dual-core
  • Available on more carriers than any other device


  • AMOLED display, like with the Galaxy S4, the AMOLED displays are pretty bright and not that great
  • Feels cheap and plastic, which is what Samsung is known for


Samsung Galaxy S4 Paired

This is a close one, the Galaxy S4 wins. But if you have the Galaxy S3 it's a pretty touch decision, since there aren't many upgrades and advantages to upgrading from the Galaxy S3 to the S4. But if you are upgrading from another device other than the Galaxy S3, then it's a great device to buy. Especially if you're getting the International version with the octa-core Exynos 5 processor, which is crazy powerful. In the end it's all your choice.

Which one would you choose?