Acer $299 Phablet On the Way, May Debut at Computex Taipei in June


Acer has had some pretty good Android devices over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, none of them have been able to garner a large amount of success. I'm not saying that the devices didn't move well, I'm just saying there certainly wasn't anything that was a sizeable hit among consumers.

Acer is actually looking to change that this year, by introducing some new budget devices that will hopefully earn plenty of attention. One such tablet, the Iconia B1 marks the beginning of a long line of 2013 budget devices from the company.


Acer isn't just planning on launching products in the smartphone and tablet market though. They're planning to take on the key names in the phablet market too, and their first device is rumored to demo at Computex Taipei, later in June.

Jim Wong, the Corporate President of Acer announced some pretty compelling statistics. He seems to think that the phablet market is going to grow by about 10 million units over the course of 2013, which is an approximate 25% increase over the last year.

So essentially, the phablet market is going to see a boom and Acer wants in on the action.


Unfortunately, we don't truly know anything else about this mysterious Acer phablet, and that means there are obviously no specs to list. Wong says, however that Acer is going to focus on the size of the device, camera quality, software and price. Clearly he thinks these are the biggest selling points of a phablet in the modern market. I'm sure he'll be happy to know that I don't particularly disagree.

Most phablets are around the $399 to $499 mark, which isn't all that wallet friendly. Acer plans on introducing a reasonable budget phablet around $299. That really seems to be the sweet spot these days when pricing a new device.

I'll never be okay with wasting $200-$300 on a device especially in today's economy, but oddly I'll still do it because realistically, I don't have much of a choice if I want a nice device.


We can expect to see more information about this mysterious Acer phablet as it gets closer to June and Computex. If we're lucky, we'll even get a peek at the general design by then too.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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