Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-Registrations Exploding; Compared to the Galaxy S3

March 15, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

In case you missed it, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 last night in Times Square, New York. Many carriers put up their pre-registration pages for customers to put in their email address and get more information as to when it’ll be launched and pricing when it’s available. Now at least in the UK, Phones4U is seeing the Galaxy S4 outperforming the Galaxy S3 pre-registration by miles. In fact, in the first 48 hours they’ve seen a 40% increase by comparison.

Are we surprised? Nope. This is the most anticipated device of the year, and after how well the Galaxy S3 did. We’re expecting the Galaxy S4 to be sold out for a long time. The new Galaxy is due in stores starting April 26th, and is full of tons of new features. Samsung has basically added an S to any feature they could think of.

The Chief Commercial Officer at Phones4U, Scott Hooton said “The anticipation surrounding the next Samsung Galaxy has been astounding and it has already received the most pre-registrations as Phones4U of any other smartphone launch in 2013.” Well honestly, that doesn’t take much. The only phones that would come close are the Xperia Z and HTC One. Especially since we are only 3 months into 2013. Hooton also added that they are predicting the Galaxy S4 to be the “biggest selling smartphone of 2013.” Well no surprise there.

The Galaxy S4 may not sell as well as Samsung is hoping, but let’s not forget that they still have the Galaxy S3 which is selling like crazy in addition to the Galaxy S4. So either way they’ll be making selling a boat load of devices. The strides that Samsung has made with the US carriers starting with the Galaxy S3 look to continue with the Galaxy S4. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly updates get pushed to the Galaxy S4. Last year, with the Galaxy S3, Samsung pushed them out rather quickly.

How many of you have pre-registered with your favorite carrier for the Galaxy S4? Let us know in the comments below.