Wireless Charging "Orb" Finally Available for Nexus 4 Owners; Costs Just $59.99

When we talk about the Nexus line-up from Google, it's inevitable that we're going to talk about some issue or another. This time around it's surrounding accessories for their flagship device, the Nexus 4 and the promised wireless charging dock that was announced a while ago, and we've all been waiting for it to arrive and go up for sale. The same thing happened with the Nexus 7 and its dock, it took forever to launch and when it finally did launch, it was hardly a transparent launch. It was available from a few retailers and it wasn't promoted by Google or ASUS.

With the nexus 4 and it's cool charging dock, we all thought that things would be different this time around and, while we haven't had to wait as long as we did for the Nexus 7 dock, there are still questions to be raised on just why it took so long to get to market and why it's so damn expensive. Enough of this though, let's actually talk about the dock, shall we?

If any of you are familiar with Palm's touchstone for the Pre and Pixi phones then you'll see where they got their inspiration, no doubt about it, Matias Duarte has left his mark with this accessory. The dock will charge your device through inductive charging and hold your device at a pleasant angle while doing it. Not only that but, it looks pretty sophisticated as well, I certainly wouldn't mind one of these on my night stand or desk. The staff here at Android Headlines will tell you I'm a sucker for a dock and, indeed I am, I have one for my One X (two if you count my speaker dock) and my Nexus 7. None of them have been as cool as the touchstone was for my HP Touchpad, which is why this looks so cool.

Having said all that, this thing is hella expensive. It retails in the Play Store - which is a miracle in and of itself - for $59.99. That's a lot of money for something that won't even sync your device, which was a chief complaint of critics of the Nexus 7 dock. Couple that with shipping from the Play Store and you're looking at a bill closer to $70.

Worth it? Probably not. Will it sell? More than likely.

[Play Store]

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