Want to Charge your Phone Wirelessly? Buy LG Smartphones.


LG looks to be moving forward with a key technology that it included in the most popular release in the history of the company. Well, at least in the eyes of Android fans it is the most popular in history. The Nexus 4 had wireless charging built in at release and LG seems to believe that wireless charging is the future of charging. At least it looks to be the future of charging LG devices. LG may include wireless charging in all future smartphones, even on the low-end.

LG looking to include wireless charging across all future lines of smartphones is not such a wild idea. This move is meant to keep LG ahead of the game and make charging smart devices more convenient for the end-user. Wireless charging isn't just a tacked on feature for the spec sheet in LG's eyes either, they have studies to back their claims. LG says that main complaints from users in a recent U.S. study were of short battery life, slow speed, and the inconvenience of finding and carrying wired chargers.  IHS iSuppli also conducted a study that lends credence to LG's claims that the market is moving in the way of wireless charging.

"Over the next five years, wireless charging devices will find their way into an increasing number of applications, including mobile phones, portable media players, digital still cameras, and mobile PCs. Among these, mobile phones will contribute the largest share of revenue to wireless charging—not only because of the large volume of mobile devices expected to benefit from the technology, but also because of participation by name brands in manufacturing the device, providing much needed market recognition in the process."—Tina Teng, Senior Analyst for Wireless Research at iSuppli


As a convenience factor, right now, wireless charging is still not an ideal solution due to the fact that we still need to place our phone in a certain position on a wireless mat that as of now are too bulky and are not usually aesthetically pleasing. The Wireless Power Consortium though, weighed in on that issue stating that wireless charging will not be limited to those mats in the near future. WPC added that manufacturers would imbed the technology into desks and tables, as well as, cars. Docks for our phones may even just need to have our phones placed on top of them to charge our devices while entertaining us in the near future.

Wireless charging is looking to be one of the next big features in smartphones, but adoption is key. If people do not try the technology, we just do not know what we are missing. I had my Nexus 4 for a little over a month before I purchased a wireless mat. I have not attached a cable to my device for charging since that day. Wireless charging is a great convenience and if you have not, I urge you to give it a try if you have a wireless charging capable device. Let us know in the comments what you think about wireless charging and about LG putting it in all of their phones.


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