Vizio's Co-Star receives Update to Google TV 3.0; Hisense Pulse Coming Soon

A strong beginning to this month is heralded to the owners of Vizio's Co-Star Streaming Player, of whom will be in for an update to Google TV 3.0, and along with it will come additional apps and delicious features.  Now this update has been in the mill for over a month, leaving some tapping their foot during the process, but in the end, has finally paid off.

The new update to Google TV 3.0 will not only include several bug fixes and improved performance, but will also include Voice Search, which is an app compatible with the majority of Android devices that allows voice control over Google TV searches.  Currently, there may or may not be an app on Google Play for that as of this time of writing, but expect one soon if not!

Next, we have YouTube Pairing; a feature that would allow you to organize videos from YouTube on your smartphone, and create a sync for your list between the Vizio Co-Star and your smartphone device.

An additional upgrade worthy of note is Prime Time, a mini guide with an easy to use feature that allows you to scroll the Quick Guide at the bottom of your screen, even while watching TV.  Among those fancy items is the activation of the elusive M-Go, a new Pay Per View digital video rental service, which can be found on the Vizio Co-Star remote.

Vudu is also expected to come along with the Co-Star's Google TV 3.0 update.  Vudu, which was acquired by Wal Mart in 2010, began its endeavor by making its own set-top boxes, such as the Vudu Box from 2007.  Now, thanks to its growing popularity, it is a premium online content delivery service that distributes full-length movies over the internet.

In addition to Vizio's Co-Star update, the Hisense Pulse Google TV is also jumping in the bandwagon, and is expected to release an update to Google TV 3.0 also.  This update is expected to be rolling out shortly after Vizio's Co-Star update, so to you Hisense Pulse owners, keep an eye out.    Despite the Co-Star update rolling out, some of you may not receive it right away, so please be patient.

Have you received your new Google TV update yet?  If so, then go ahead and let us know about your experiences in the comments section.

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