The Samsung Galaxy Brand is Starting to Eclipse the Android Brand; is Google in Trouble?

February 4, 2013 - Written By Briley Kenney

Our very own Randy Arrowood predicted Samsung’s coming downfall not too long ago, in his Samsung’s Rise Leading to Their Downfall series (links included below).

It’s a highly recommended series for anyone interested in exploring the future implications of Samsung’s total domination of the mobile market. Arrowood seems to think that Samsung’s primary intentions to dominate the android market, will in turn bring about its downfall. The tricky part is deciphering when this collapse will occur. There are lots of events going on behind the scenes, specifically the Apple and Samsung lawsuits currently underway.

More recently, a strategy consultant, for the Enders Analysis firm, used market data to predict that Samsung’s success is soon going to cloud the entire Android brand. Evan collected the data, using Google Trends, which shows that the Samsung Galaxy brand is starting to overshadow the Android brand in terms of consumer awareness.

Many of you Samsung fans are probably wondering why this is a problem. Android is an open source platform, and as such Google has long since promised that no manufacturer would dominate the ecosystem more than another.

The Android platform is, first and foremost, designed to provide consumers with “freedom” when it comes to the mobile world, and that includes freedom to choose between different mobile devices. A totally dominant brand, namely Samsung, will affect that global freedom, smothering other brands in its continual success.

Sure, we could all claim that Samsung deserves to be in the spotlight and that those ‘other brands’ just don’t offer what Samsung does, but that’s not the point.

Benedict Evans used a Google Trends chart to compare awareness between the Android platform and the Samsung Galaxy brand. By looking at the graph, you can see that awareness for the Galaxy line has been building significantly over time until it surpassed the Android brand last December.

Samsung Galaxy and Android Google Trends

As you can see, both ‘Samsung’ and ‘Galaxy’ have passed Android. Interestingly enough, the terms ‘Samsung Galaxy’ when paired together are still below Android in terms of consumer awareness. It is worth noting that the combination is steadily rising, however.

For reference, Google Trends is Google’s premiere analytics platform which aggregates data based on current search trends. It’s not entirely accurate, but it does provide an appropriate example of what is currently popular, at least during the polled time.

It’s likely that Google has something up its sleeve to thwart Samsung’s monumental success. I mean, it has to, right? Especially considering they’ve always preferred that no one manufacturer dominate the mobile operating system.

The answer is probably the long rumored X Phone, which Google is supposedly creating in collaboration with Motorola. Has the damage been done though? Is it too late for Google to regain control of its own mobile ecosystem?

Booming sales of the Nexus 7, Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 certainly prove that Google has the potential to regain control. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen, though.

By no means is this a problem for Samsung, at least not yet anyways. That is unless, of course, Google starts gunning for the Android giant. Oh no, Google should be the one to worry.

The ‘Galaxy’ line is truly starting to eclipse the ‘Android’ brand in terms of consumer awareness.

Source: Benedict Evans
Via: BGR