The Harlem Shake Infiltrates Google HQ

February 14, 2013 - Written By Joe Levin

Internet memes can be hit or miss. We all have our favorites, but whether it’s “Condescending Wonka” or “Grumpy Cat” they all have a shelf life. Now that people have the ability to shoot HD videos with their phones and (ugh) tablets, YouTube is where these memes are taken to a whole ‘nother level.

Sure there was the creative ways that people could transform  Soulja Boy‘s Superman. But that wasn’t enough, we needed crazy wedding dances, flash mobs, and everyone’s favorite, people doing Gangnam Style. Google’s YouTube has given us a lot of laughs over the years, and in this latest video we get to see the Android team join in the latest fad sweeping across YouTube right now.

I’ll admit the newest thing that has people acting ridiculously on YouTube, “The Harlem Shake”, is pretty funny. That’s probably because it hasn’t been beaten into the ground… YET. The shake starts out with a solo person in a helmet dancing while everyone else it just milling around. Cut take to when the bass kicks in and everyone is dancing around, typically with props. While the Harlem Shake is fresh now, it won’t be long before it’s completely run its course so, enjoy this while you can.

At any rate the guys over at Google got in on the craze with their own Harlem Shake video. It’s pretty good but not nearly as funny as the one with the guy hitting the giraffe. The Android team at Google are no strangers to having a little fun, and letting us all see it and this time around they might have just outdone themselves. Here is Google’s attempt at the Shake…You be the judge.


Personally I’m still waiting for the African Anteater Ritual to make a comeback.