The Galaxy S IV's Display To Be Mass-Produced By End of February

Back in January at CES 2013 Samsung displayed they're screen technology tree, on the top of which was the next-generation 4.99 inch FHD (Full High Definition, or in other words, a 1080p screen). But what makes this display special among the other smart phone Full HD screens on the market right now is the fact that Samsung is going to ditch the traditional pixel arrangement, in favor of a diamond shape form. Before this technology, the normal arrangement of pixels on their AMOLED screen was the one you can see below.

The above close-up shows the pixel arrangement of the screen that the Galaxy S III and Note II have. The new display will come as a 4.99 inch screen with a pixel density of 440ppi+. It appears that the trend of bigger and bigger screens is afoot, with the S IV nearing 5 inches. Just about a year ago (in the third quarter of 2011, to be more specific), a screen only 0.4 inches bigger was considered to be the first phablet.

Another interesting fact about the upcoming display, is that Samsung will be utilizing the new technology called Laser-induced Thermal Imaging (or LITI) in the production process of the screen. The current technology (which is named Fine Metal Mask, or FMM) that has been used for the Galaxy line-up so far, has proven to be more expensive than LITI (production wise, at least). Besides cutting down on production costs, LITI also allows much smaller subpixels to be laid out than FMM. A subpixel is a way in which the screen can display a much crispier content (e.g. text), realizing a better anti-alias (a technique to smooth the transition between the black pixel composing the letter, and the white background, or between other high-contrast surfaces).

Rumor has it that Samsung has everything ready to go to have the production lines spin up and crank out display in great number. Ready and waiting to be housed in the Galaxy S IV.

All in all, it seems that the S IV will bring the new Super AMOLED Full HD display (is it me, or screen names are beginning longer and longer) to the market. We'll find out more in the next months, since the phone is rumored to be commercially launched in the first week of April.

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