T-Mobile Plans to be Prioritized Over GoSmart Mobile Plans, During Network Congestion?

February 21, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

This week, T-Mobile launched GoSmart Mobile. Their own prepaid carrier to rival Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, Net10 and the others that use T-Mobile and/or AT&T’s network. Today, T-mobile confirmed in a brief quote to PhoneScoop that “network management” techniques will be used to contain network congestion with the GoSmart Mobile Launch. We already know that carriers prioritize postpaid customers (those with a contract) over prepaid and MVNO customers during times of network congestion. It appears that GoSmart Mobile will be no difference.

Here’s what T-Mobile had to say:

“Certain T-Mobile plans may be prioritized over GoSmart Mobile plans during periods of congestion.”

This T-Mobile spokesperson explained that as network traffic gets congested on any tower, T-Mobile will prioritize postpaid traffic, to offer the fastest possible data speeds. This would lead GoSmart Mobile customers to having slower speeds. Especially since there are so many other customers using T-Mobile’s network through other MVNO’s. It appears that this would affect GoSmart Mobile’s $45 3G plan more than their other two plans which cost less. Which use EDGE data speeds, which are pretty slow.

Now T-Mobile did also say that all customers will have access to the same network for both voice and data at all times but this “network management” practice only applies to data speeds. So it’s basically like throttling. Now like we said earlier, this isn’t an uncommon practice and T-Mobile isn’t the only one doing this. So you shouldn’t be surprised by any of this. But it is pretty important for those that are or were thinking about switching to T-Mobile’s prepaid service or one of their MVNO’s like GoSmart Mobile, or Straight Talk, who has had their own problems recently. 

How many of our readers are on T-Mobile’s network, but not a postpaid customer? Are the data speeds consistent, until you reach your cap? Let us know in the comments below. It’ll give potential switchers to GoSmart Mobile or T-Mobile’s Monthly4G an idea of how this could affect them.