Switching From iPhone to Android: How to Sync Your Data


With Android, just about everything is synced with your Google account. Which is great. It will remember your wifi networks and passwords, what apps are on your device, and so much more. But that's only half of it, and it's done automatically, making it very easy. The other part is backing up your apps' data. Which we've gone over in our Android Beginner's Guide already.

How to backup to your Google Account

1. Turn on and unlock your device


2. Go into Settings

3. Tap on "Backup & Reset"

4. Check "Backup My data"


5. If you have more than one Google account on your device, select the "Backup Account" and select the one you use in the Play Store.

6. Check "Automatic Restore"

7. That's it for Wi-Fi passwords, settings and apps.


How to Backup your App Data

Below is a video tutorial of how to backup your apps with Carbon, which is a free app in the Play Store. With this app you can backup your app data, text messages, and call log (more features are coming).

That's just how easy it is to keep your data backed up on your device. Making it a little easier when you need to restore your device because you are having issues. There are other ways to do it, and other apps like Titanium backup. But Carbon works better than Titanium Backup without Root.