Switching from iPhone to Android: How to Manage Your Media


Another thing that's different compared to Apple's iOS, is how media is stored, used and put onto your device. Now in this guide, we are going to talk about how to backup your photos and videos, as well as get them off of your device. Along with how to get music on your device and put it in the cloud.

How to Backup your Photos & Videos

1. Download Dropbox from the Google Play Store


2. Login or create a new Dropbox account

3. Turn on Camera Auto Upload. (This will automatically upload all your photos to your Dropbox account and making them accessible to you on any computer or mobile device)

4. If you don't have unlimited data, make sure to check the "Upload Using Wifi Only" box


*You can also plug your phone into your computer and get your pictures the old fashioned way as well.

How to put Music onto your device

1. On your computer, download the Google Music Manager

2. Once installed, you can now have your songs from iTunes automatically upload to Google Music, which you can access on your phone or any device that has internet.


3. Some songs will get matched and not uploaded, saving you bandwidth. But your song will be available on your Google Music Account

Google Music can store up to 25,000 songs for free. Using the app, you can also pin songs to your device so you never have to plug it into your computer again to get music.

That's how you can manage your music, photos and videos on your new Android device. In the next part of our guide we'll be talking a bit about battery life. So make sure you stay tuned, as this is a huge deal.