SwiftKey 4 Has Finally Landed Bringing New Features and Improvements


Having been in beta for the past couple of months SwiftKey 4; the latest version of one of the most popular third-party keyboards on Android with over a million purchases is finally live on the Google Play Store bringing a plethora new features and improvements.

The most notable new feature in SwiftKey 4 is SwiftKey Flow; SwiftKey's take on gesture typing. What differentiates SwiftKey Flow from other keyboards with gesture typing such as Swype and the current Jelly Bean gesture-typing keyboard is the ability to continuously swipe an entire sentence without having to lift off between words. SwiftKey call this feature "Flow Through Space" and aims to make the gesture typing even more natural and faster.


SwiftKey made its name with its class leading word prediction software that learns from your previous messages to predict what word you are planning to type next. This feature combined with Flow should lead to a gesture typing service second to none when it comes to reliability and accuracy and will truly be a keyboard that understands what you are trying to write. The other benefit of having all these features available on the same keyboard is the ability for users to seamlessly switch between different input methods depending on the situation without having to keep changing settings or which keyboard is selected.

Other notable improvements in SwiftKey 4 is the scrapping of the previous 'rapid' and 'precise' typing modes in favour for a more intelligent prediction engine for those that tread between the two settings helping to make predictions even more accurate. The number of languages that SwiftKey offers has also increased to 60 languages; with the addition of Albanian, Javanese, Sundanese, Thai and Vietnamese. All of these new languages support the advance contextual prediction that SwiftKey is famed for.

To celebrate the latest version of SwiftKey being released, the latest version of SwiftKey is now at half price and to reward loyal customers, all owners of the previous versions will be receiving free updates to the latest version.



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