Sprint's HTC EVO Design 4G Getting an OTA; Brings Bug Fixes and More


How many of you out there own the Sprint HTC EVO Design 4G? It was the last EVO that supported Sprint's dying WiMax network. Well today, it's getting a small OTA update bringing the software version to 4.02.651.2. It features mostly bug fixes and enhancements. So don't expect Any Android updates, as I believe this is still on Gingerbread. The EVO Design 4G hasn't seen an update in over 6 months, but it's great to see it getting an OTA. Looks like Sprint is following Verizon's footsteps a bit. Earlier this month Verizon sent out updates for the Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Incredible, which are nearly 3 years old.



The image above outlines the fixes and enhancements in this update. As well as some important notes. You can pull down the update now, or wait for it to hit your device sometime after 2/26/13. Of course, the updates will be hitting in stages, as with most updates. one of the biggest fixes in this update is the Mobile Hotspot improvements on GSM networks. Remember the HTC EVO Design 4G is an international device, so it will work on GSM networks.

If you're looking to grab the update now, you can follow these instructions:

  • ¬†Go into settings
  • Tap on About Phone
  • Tap on System Updates
  • Tap on Check for Updates

You should be able to pull it down between now and the 26th, which is next Tuesday, when the update will start rolling out. If you are unable to pull down the update, you may have to hold tight until Sprint pushes it to your device.


So if you're still rocking the HTC EVO Design 4G, which is a nice looking phone, you'll want to get this update ASAP. But if you're rooted and on a custom ROM, you may want to wait. Unless you're experiencing any of the bugs that were fixed in this update. As the update will probably patch the exploit used to root your EVO Design 4G.

Let us know in the comments below how you're liking the update.

Source: Android Spin