Sony Xperia SP 'HuaShan' Appears in Comparison Photos


We have quite a history with the Sony C530x, also codenamed the "HuaShan". Needless to say, we've covered more than our share of rumors involving the handset over the past few months. It first appeared in a photo on Picasa, back in December, which showed EXIF data and a quick peek at the design.

There's a relatively new rumor floating around that the phone will be released to the market with the name Xperia SP.


What we know so far is that the Xperia SP is essentially a mid-range version of the Xperia Z. It's purportedly going to be outfitted with the following specs:

  • 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus CPU
  • 1GB of Installed RAM
  • 4.5-inch 720p HD Resolution Display

That's not the greatest list of specs I've ever seen, but it's not too shabby either. The Xperia SP will surely be a delightful handset when it's available.

Today, the Xperia SP, or "HuaShan" if you will, has appeared in headlines again. As it would seem, the phone is visible in a comparison shot, sitting next to the Xperia V.


Xperia SP and V Displays Off Comparison

Wow, all of these letters are scrambling my brain. I feel like I get a refresh of the alphabet every time I cover one of Sony's devices.

In the image, you can clearly see that both the Xperia SP and Xperia V are running Jelly Bean. The Xperia V was only recently updated to the latest version of Android. Now that, the V has been updated, it's tough to make out any substantial difference between the two devices.


Xperia SP Android Version

The images hail from Germany and first appeared on the site Android Hilfe. The poster apparently says that the Xperia SP is running the latest version of Android 4.1.2 (no surprise there). The device includes a detachable plastic back that allows you to swap out the SIM card and removable storage, yet strangely there is no removable battery. Undoubtedly, the permanent battery is a feature that you're either going to love, or hate. Personally, I have no intention of ever owning a phone that doesn't let me to change out the battery. What if you need an extended battery, or better yet want to replace a defective one?

From the images,  we also get a peek at the actual size of the phone. Earlier images only showed the Xperia SP by itself, which honestly didn't provide an accurate example of its size. Furthering that point, you can see that the Xperia SP is just a bit larger than the V.


The poster also mentions that the Xperia SP crashes often, but considering it's not running a final software build that's to be expected. Hopefully, Sony will have that all fixed by the time the device makes its way to market.

We expect to see more of the Xperia SP at MWC, later this month. In the past, Sony has been quite generous releasing information on new devices at the Mobile World Congress.

What do you think of the design? It certainly looks a lot like the Xperia V and Z, although that's to be expected.


Source: Android Hilfe
Via: Android Central

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