Snapchat Adds Video Support, Opens Up Many Useful or Twisted Opportunities


If you have never heard of Snapchat before, than you can count yourself as one of the lucky few. Bad joke? You actually happen to like Snapchat? Alright, I apologize for the potshot.

Anyways, Snapchat is a nifty little MMS app that allows you to send images to friends and family, and pretty much anyone else you deem worthy of viewing your media. The exclusivity here is, whatever content you share, only stays visible for a certain period of time. That means, the recipient only has a finite amount of time to view the content before it's deleted from the Snapchat servers, and it's gone forever from the digital world.


If you have to ask why anyone would only want images and videos to be visible for a certain period of time, well then Snapchat probably isn't for you. My mind can dream up all sorts of twisted useful scenarios for sending content through Snapchat.

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Newly added to the Android version of the app is the option to send along videos. The feature arrived in the latest update to the app which brings Snapchat to version 2.0. Also added are some new notifications, app settings, and the necessary performance and bug fixes.


The more content you send, the more points you collect for your profile. In the Snapchat world this is called "building a relationship," the business world calls it "gamification," and I just call it filler. Regardless, it adds an exciting mix into the photo and video sharing scene and it encourages users to continue using the app.

After reading a few of the reviews on Google Play, it would seem that there are a lot of camera issues with while recording video. When I tried the app out myself, I had no issues whatsoever, but it's still worth noting since the problems seem to be common. Undoubtedly, a later update will be released to fix whatever bugs or issues these other users have encountered.

Also worth noting, is the fact that when you record video it's accompanied by two fairly loud, and fairly annoying beeps. Currently, there is no volume control setting to turn the audio indicator off. So for now, we're all just going to have to deal with it.


In short, now you can share video with other users on Snapchat, in addition to photos.

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