Samsung Tells Us to Get Ready for Galaxy S IV

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With the expected release of the Samsung Galaxy S IV just around the corner and the invitations already sent out for the event in New York, the release of the Galaxy S IV is all but confirmed. Samsung has just released another teaser for the impending event on their twitter page, this time suggesting there will be an 'unpacking' at Time Square New York. As to what this event at the heart of one of the largest cities in the world will be remains a mystery to us, Samsung is no stranger to spending money on advertisement and marketing with their yearly expenditure of advertisement ten times higher than Apple's. Their Super Bowl commercial this year cost $15 million alone.

In regards to the hardware of the new flagship, we're expecting Samsung to be using a 4.99" Full HD 1080p SoLUX display, due to low yields when working with AMOLED displays at that resolution. The processor could also be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 instead of the Exynos 5 Octa we originally thought due to overheating issues, that is the same chipset used in the HTC One, but will be clocked at 1.9 Ghz instead of 1.7 GHz. Fortunately, Samsung will more than likely opt to retain a removable battery, unlike most of its competitors who have all adopted non-removable designs to keep a thinner profile. Despite having a removable battery, the Galaxy S IV is apparently only 7.7mm thick, compared to the 9.3mm of the HTC One, unfortunately there still aren't any details on the capacity of the battery, but expect it to be at least the same size as the S III if not bigger.

One thing is for certain, on March 14 at 7PM Eastern, we'll be able to watch this event live on YouTube. The picture features a dotted background, while we can't say for certain what this represents, it could be representing one of the large screens present at Time Square, so perhaps the entire unveiling will be shown live in the heart of New Year. What do you think about the latest teaser from Samsung? Will Samsung steal the spotlight yet again on what Sammobile claims to be the "one of the biggest android happenings of the year" or will this be nothing more than a publicity stunt? And will you be live at New York's Time Square to see what the fuss is all about.